Blog posts of '2022' 'April'

Wearing handcrafted love with earrings & a necklace

wearing spiral earrings and artsy heart necklace

Handcrafted ANYTHING is just extra special. Handcrfated things
are made with heart, soul and meticulous care. My necklace
and earrings are were made with sheet metal, wire, files, saws
and soldering. Designed with intention. I appreciate that same
quality and handcrfated clothing designs, anything baked fromscratch
and have you ever had a pair of custom shoes made? I have not but
I do someone who has. They were pricey and exquisite.
Well worth every penny in my book. 

Browse my Heart Art necklace for more details

Browse my Silver Vortex earrings here

Cute casual artisan jewelry for Mother's Day


bronze artisan jewelry& pink tulips

My small capsule collection of Mothers Day jewelry is here! Here to
celebrate the Mom or Grandmother (or you) in your life. If that
person (or you) is a lover of handcrafted meaningful jewelry then
you're in the right place! Starting with the my simple, modern,
easy to wear Tribe necklace has a minimalist style that can be worn 
with just about anything. Plain or patterned, it worlks!
Each hanging ring represents a member of your family or tribe.
So it's not just a pretty necklace. 

Hell yes you'll need a new pair of complimentary earrings. Why not?!
Everyone loves receiving a new pair to wear. My Wheely earrings
are so cute and made in bronze as well. These earings are not to
short and not to long. A no brainer in my opinion.

And how about a personalized bracelet to make it extra meaningful.
I call it the My Rock bracelet. You can choose the term of endearment
that you like best. Plus I have more add on options. I can see this entire
set being worn without it looking to matchy matchy. Instead this reads
casul, cool artsian style for everyday living!

Browse My Tribe necklace here

Browse wheely earrings here

Browse My Rock bracelet here

This bracelet allows for you to choose your own term of endearment

organic id bracelet with name examples

Being able to customize this unique organic bracelet makes 
for a really great gift. With Mother's Day just around the corner you can
gift all the moms and grandmas in your life with this piece! Just think of all
your own special family nick names, inside jokes or just your
special terms of endearment. I included lots of fun ideas to get
your creative juices flowing. but you don't have to choose from
those examples. I can stamp anything your sweet little heart desires!

Browse the My Rock bracelet here for more details

A necklace that represents your tribe!



2 bronze tribe necklaces on wood

Tribes are a close knit group of people. Just what this
necklace is about. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a
tribe isa social group composed chiefly of numerous families, clans, or
generations having a shared ancestry and language. 
Your tribe might be your children and your family. I names this 
the My tribe necklace. Rings can be added to include each
memeber of your tribe. each ring can be a touchstone that soothes.

Browse My Tribe necklace here for more details

A gold heart necklace hiding in a plant


textured gold heart necklace with plants

If only all plants had gold heart necklaces hiding amoungst the leaves
what a fun find that would be! I would be growing crops
of them if there were true. But I do love photographing
jewelry with plants. I'm a big fan of both things!

I offer this heart necklace in 3 metals with varying
price ranges. Browse what appeals to you!

Big Little Heart necklace in Gold

Big Little Heat Necklace in Silver


Easy travel jewelry


silver cuffs on arm at airport

Traveling is exciting but packing can be stressful. My tip 
for jewelry is to keep it simple. My silver cuff stack works 
for every single day or night activity. I took these on my 
last trip with Southwest Airlines and never took them off!

Silver goes with everything. So you don't really need to change 
out all your jewery if you're trying to travel light. These can 
be worn for sight seeing, dinners out, museums, and you'll
be looking cute as can be in all your travel photo's

Browse my Souldfed stack of 5 bracelets

A healing Zen necklace


 earthy beaded necklace on rock

When you are a practicing Budhist and you get diagnosed
with ovarian cancer - a special necklace is requested. 
While there are many stones believed to be healing it is
by no means a substitute for medical care. Having said that,
it is believed by some that smokey quartz is a root chakra that
aids in this illness. Which is why those brown stones will 
drape across the neck touching the skin. 

With a peaceful, calm, relaxed Zen energy these beads and
colors were carefully chosen to keep that theme and feeling.

Browse the custom Su-Zen necklace here for more detailas


Silver dangle earrings for silver lovers

holding silver hoop stick earrings

Some of you are all about the silver and some
are all about the gold, right?! Well these silver earrings are
for the silver folks. These cuties SHOW UP when wearing. 
They get compliments right and left. They love showing off
with short haircuts. But they do NOT get lost in long hair.
they are meant foor all your hairstyles.

Browse my Silver Hoop Stick earrings here

Heavenly vibes with gold star & moon necklaces

 gold moon& star necklaces in distressed white

Wearing these two necklaces together just oozes blissful
almost angelic lovliness. Don't we all get dreamy around the 
moon and dazzled by the stars in the sky?! Kind of like having
guardian angels hovering around you. It might change your
mood for the day. 
These were custom neckklaces but Im always happy to make 
rpeats if you want one!

Browse the Celestial necklaces here for more details

Going gray in a necklace!

gray gemstone bronze bar necklace on gray stone

Embracing all the grays but especially in a necklace
Gray is such a wonderful neutral color. You see it everywhere in
in home decor. Both interiors and exteriors. So you might as well
have a gray gemstone necklace and add this neutral color to
your wardrobe. 
For Spring and Summer grays are fun with pinks, greens,
yellows and white. For Fall think browns, blues, creams and

Browse my Bar None Labradorite necklace here