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Make it look easy with a gray sweater & mixed metal necklace & earrings

chic mixed metal bar necklace & earrings

How about this beautiful shade of gray? So rich shade that it feels almost like slate. I believe
the color gray is the perfect backdrop for highlighting sterling silver and gold jewelry. 
Gray works with both cool and warm tones which compliments both of these metals
without overpowering.

 If it's not sweater weather where you are, you can still make it look easy with a gray
knit top, blouse or even a tee shirt. Your mixed metal jewelry will look oh so smart and chic
against this neutral background.

If you want more details on the jewelry shown here - Shop my Gold standard necklace
and sterling with gold wire wrapped stick earrings


Showing off a custom wedding anniversary necklace

long beaded green gemstone anniversary necklace 

This lucky lady got a big suprise on her anniversary! The big rock pendant on necklace was found
and saved by her husband from a special vacation. He sent me the rock to create
some earthy jewelry that would be complimentary. I could hardly wait to get started. 

She was gifted this long necklace filled with blues, green, cream and copper. Electroplated earrings
were made from natural blue calcite stones. What a keepsake to remember  - her anniversary,
a favorite vacation and very thoughtful gesture of love from her husband. So Sweet!

If you have a piece of something that you would like to turn into jewelry send me an email and
and we can get started.


Remembering the loss & love of dad with a customized heart bracelet

arm with big open heart leather bracelet

Loosing a parent that made you feel grounded and loved is something that you're
never really prepared for. Even if you think you are its still devastating. As the world goes
on around you it feels strange. 

So...What a sweet gift to get. A bracelet to remind this gal that the love she received will
be remembered everytime she wears, looks at and touches this sentimental bracelet.

backside of bracelet with dad charm

Many of my jewelry pieces can be customized by adding a charm - even if it doesn't say so!

My Amore heart bracelet doesn't come with charm but sure was perfect for this occasion.

Shoot me an email if you would like to customize this bracelet or any of my jewelry!

Shine your light with a Swarovski crystal heart cuff

Crystal heart bracelet on arm in bracelet stack

Wearing this super shiny Swarovski heart will put a smile on your face. When this pretty heart
dangles and catches the light - you'll be shining a light on absolutley everyone around you too.

This cuff brings lots of compliments. If you're ready to shine shop my Sweetheart cuff here.


Looking relaxed with loose hair and chic pearl earrings


pearl hoop earrings for chic style

Letting your hair free and getting comfortable is step 1 in relaxing. Slip on your softest clothing
and a pair of pearl hoop earrings andyou'll be stylishly relaxed - just in case something important
pops up!

Shop earrings for more details

Cruising through Topanga Canyon with a long beaded necklace

long blue gemstone beaded boho artisan necklace

  Driving through the canyons in Southern california is always so beautiful to me.
  I love all the roads, curves, scenery and unbeleivable views. so when we took a drive last weekend
  I had to pull over and take a picture. I thought this was a gorgeous back drop for my
  In Love with Lapis necklace. Earthy chic in every way.

  P.S. Style tip - wearing browns and tans (like the background) would really make this necklace pop!

  For more details shop necklace here

Scrapbooking in style with abstract earrings and a large cross necklace

boho cross necklace and abstract earrings

Meeting girlfriends for a day of creative fun and good conversation = good self car for
the soul. Taking the time to wear something that feels good and lifts your spirits
is another be a good mood booster.

 Maribeth is wearing a long colorful beaded custom cross necklace. In this photo she has it doubled up
which looks fabulous. But is also quite striking when worn really long.

Paired with her bold necklace are my Art Gallery earrings. Designed in mixed metal, abstract, large, showy
and statement making. Just right for so many occasions. They can even make a ttee shirt look special.

If you want a custom cross necklace of any style shoot me an email :)


Road trip adventures with go-to, practical chunky circle bracelet & earrings

chunky circle bracelet & earrings

You know that carefree feeling when your adventuring with friends? Anything goes.
 No place to be with time on your side. Daytrips can take you to all sorts of
unexpected places to see and experience. 

So when you are about to head out the door don't forget that comfort is key!
Besides sunglasses and good shoes, wear clothes that stretch. Practical jewelry may be better
than fussy for this outing.

Jennifer is wearing my practical but fun chunky chain reaction bracelet. It's durable, makes a starement
and goes with absolutley everything. She is also wearing a cute pair of complimentary 
chain reation duo hoop earrings. They are peeking out from her blonde hair!

big silver circle bracelet on wrist

Here's to enjoying many fun road trip adventures!