Blog posts of '2021' 'December'

Open the door to a colorful turquoise necklace

turquoise necklace near wood door

Open the door to new things. Unexpected things. Like my
big slab of thruquoise in a necklace. Maybe you've always felt safe
wearing dainty jewelry that blends right in with wht your wearing.
while that can be simple and pretty try stepping out of your
comfort zone. You might feel liberated wearing a bold necklace!
And this one is still on the simple side. Its a great spash of color that
will really brighten your day.

For more details browe my Turquoise Mountain Necklace here

Working on a necklace at work

silver statement necklace on mannequin
Yes, as a jewelry designer I was working on this necklace while
at work! Lucky me. This mannequin has worn many styles and lengths of jewelry.
I can't imagine not having it. I can clearly see how and where a necklace
will fall. Exceptions are made because we aren't all the size of this
mannequin. But I have work arounds for that. 
Shown on this mannequin is my Big Oring necklace. Designed to be a
statement necklace with adjustable length. To be worn casual or dressed up.
After completeling and popping on my manequin I felt that I accomplished
my mission. 

Browse my Big Oring Necklace here

Browse my Little Oring necklace here

Solid color hat, scarf & a necklace

silver necklace blue hat & scarf

Going out? Want to stay warm? Don't like figuring out if things
go together? I've got you! Keep it all solid colors. Its easy and very smart
looking. My solid silver necklace works with all the solid colors!
Use as many as you want. If you were wearing this blue hat and mustard yellow
scarf you could also wear a solid black top and solid blue pants. You will be color 
blocked from head to toe. 


Browse my easy to wear Play it Cool necklace here



Color Block Earrings in shades of green

green earrings and model wearing green sweater
Color block earrings are exactly that - blocks of color in a row. In this
case they are all various shades of green. Green gemstones and
teal green crystals. Banded together they are pretty and playful.
Wearing these earrings with a solid color sweater or top and thats
all you need to look cute as a little green button. Ha. Silly me.

Browse my Green on Green earrings here

Match your necklace with a colorful hat


striped hat with turquoise necklace

When colder weather calls its time for a warm hat! That hat may
need to stay on your head all day. And beanies look really cute
being worn both inside and out. So if its going to be on
your head for awhile then seek out a matching necklace
its an easy way to have a touch of style when staying warm. 
And for me the more color the better. This colorful hat is 100%
wool and does a good job of keeping your head warm. And I mean
how darling is it with my Turquoise necklace?! Together they are
a big dose of happy.

Browse my Turquoise Mountain necklace here for more details

Boots Jeans and a chunky silver bracelet

wearing boots jeans & big bracelet

If you are a lover of boots and jeans then you probably also
love cool chunky bracelets. Its a good look with distressed jeans
and a comfortable pair of rugged harness boots.The longer you wear the
better they get! And this bracelet like the boots are built to last. Another
staple for any boots and jeans. It's hardy and strong and just
plain feels good on! 

Browse my ORing bracelet here for more details

Wear your happy with a pink sweater & silver earrings

pink sweater with silver earrings

How you dress most definity can affect your mood. If you are hoping 
for a feel good day think about choosing to wear clothes and earrings
that do the trick. You know what your favorites are. Choose your mood!
Wearing this vibrant pink and orange sweater feels like you are
going to a party almost. It's hard to imagine being or feeling
grumpy while wearing. These earrings have a playful design regardless.
With all the compliments you'll be getting how could you not feel happy?!
(I'm speaking from personal experience. I have people wanting to buy these
straight from my own ears!)

Browse my Silver Hoop Stick earrings here for more details

A coin necklace to celebrate the last trip taken with a loved one


Isreal coin necklace being worn

This gal came to a trunk show and spied my box of coins. 
When she saw that I had coins from Isreal her necklace was born!
Alicia took a very significant trip with her father to Isreal. It was 
they last trip they took together before he passed away. 
She shared how much that trip meant and the memories she 
holds dear. She said that everytime she wears this necklace 
it brings her joy and love. Hearing that just has me doing
a happy dance.

We all deserve good things and to be reminded of finding what
brings us joy. How wonderful that a neckace I designed offers her that.
I am so grateful!

Browse my Coin & Pearl Necklace here

It comes with a beautiful random coin but you can request a country. If I have it then I'll make that happen.

Choosing positivity with a Hope necklace

wearing silver chain Hope charm necklace
Sheri's word is "Hope" so she ordered herself a Hope Necklace.
She says its her word every year and really lives her life 
with this word in mind. To have hope feels like a strong
and passionate desire of our heart. A eason to keep going.
A feeling of trust andsecurity. Hope reminds us that our
problems won't last forever. To wear a hope necklace
would keep this word and feeling ever so present in your
day to day activity. Sher taught me a lot about hope.

Browse her to see more details about this Hope Necklace




What Does It Mean To Have Hope? Hope is a feeling of trust, a security, and a reason to keep going. It is a passionate desire of our heart. It is a feeling of expectation and a longing for a certain thing to happen.

Dressed for the day with a chunky chain necklace

female wearing short silver chunky chain necklace

When your dressed and ready for the day it feels like you
can conquer the world. Cameron always looks so coordianted and
put together. I love seeing my Little ORing necklace on her with 
these gorgeous colors and patterned outfit. Warm and rich. 
The adage 'Look good feel good' is a real thing.
How we dress does affect us and has even been proven by scientists.

Adding jewelry to your wardrobe pulls everything together. Its like
punctuation for your outfit. 

Browse my Little ORing necklace here for more details.