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A chunky necklace with just a touch of edge

mixed metal chunky chain oring necklace displayed
Tired of playing it safe? Looking to add a little more edge
to your outfit and/or jewelry? My Little Oring necklace may be 
exactly what you are looking for. A simple mixed metal necklace
with chunky chain that has more oompf that a dainty petite
necklace. This is a shorter necklace but the chain allows yo to clasp
at a few different lengths. So it can be worn like a choker
or hang down under your collar. This piece is hearty
and built to last!

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A chunky chain necklace for patterned tops and dresses

blue print top & chunky silver chain necklace
A simple go to chain necklace for your fun busy prints is just
the ticket! This chunky chain necklace works so well with any of your prints,
flannel plaids and textured clothing. A chain necklace adds a touch of
detail but doesn't steal the show. Its all about balance. If its a favorite 
print that makes you happy then let it steal the show. 
Jewelry can be the accessory that toes it all together.

Browe the Little ORing necklace here for more details.

Dressed for the day with a chunky chain necklace

female wearing short silver chunky chain necklace

When your dressed and ready for the day it feels like you
can conquer the world. Cameron always looks so coordianted and
put together. I love seeing my Little ORing necklace on her with 
these gorgeous colors and patterned outfit. Warm and rich. 
The adage 'Look good feel good' is a real thing.
How we dress does affect us and has even been proven by scientists.

Adding jewelry to your wardrobe pulls everything together. Its like
punctuation for your outfit. 

Browse my Little ORing necklace here for more details.