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Feel like a queen with a long Flower Queen necklace!

Long flower necklace on female in flower field

Boho chic clothing with a long mixed metal flower necklace while standing
in a field of flowers - sure looks like a fun way to make life happy.

Mabrey, my Oklahoma customer wore it all so well.

Shop the Flower Queen necklace here 

How to wear mixed metal cuff bracelets

mixed metal bamboo style cuffs on tan and black outfit

Pretty easy. You just pile them on your wrist and enjoy looking at and touching them all day long!

Touching your jewelry is part of enjoying it. Seeing handmade craftmanship,
and mixed metal artistry around your wrist offers beauty and joy!

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The coolest personalized Mom necklace

mixed metal mom necklace

A long, casual, sturdy Mom necklace that can be personalized with all your favorite names.

This versatile mixed metal piece can be doubled up or worn long.
It's sturdy enough to be touched by busy hands.


This necklace can be tiered for Grandma and Great grandma.


A long lasting keepsake that she will really wear!

Shop the All My Children Story necklace to learn about all the options



Twist & Shout with mixed metal stud earrings

Mixed metal twisted stud earrings

Mixed metal twisted stud earrings for getting your twist and shout on with your
blue jeans and music.

Custom designed for Kim but I'm always happy to make more.

See details on these earrings here

Or visit my custom gallery for more ideas

Mixed metal bracelets meet mixed metal art

mixed metal bracelets and mixed metal art

When heading into the studio with mixed metal bracelets and you notice that you 
match your mixed metal sign! Ha! Of course I had to snap a photo.

When I first started this jewelry journey I made these signs for local accounts.
They were quite time consuming! I don't make them anymore but so glad I kept one for myself.

Want some mixed metal for yourself?

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His & Her's mixed metal jewelry gift

His & hers mixed metal cuffs

This cute couple are both fun loving and fun to be around. They even have matching jewelry!

A few months back Carl ordered his Copper Lucky Bamboo cuff. His wife Kris had a birthday a few
months later. I was contacted by Carl's mother to surprise Kris with matching jewelry.

So we came up with a complimentary stack of mixed metal cuffs. Repeated line texture was used
to create this bamboo style.


mixed metal hammered cuffs for men & women

If you already own a piece of jewelry but would like a complimentary piece, I'd
love to create that for you.

Or if you are looking for a unique gift let me create a his & hers piece for you!

Email me and we'll get started!

You belong among the wildflowers (while wearing wildflower jewelry of course)

mixed metal wild flower bracelet in the garden

When your out watering the garden, checking on the plants & flowers then notice whats on your wrist...
For the love of flowers, I had to grab my camera!

Talk about sparking joy?! Flowers are a constant ray of sunshine and beauty. My wildflower bracelet
was designed because of my deep love of these natural beauties. They've been making me happy
since picking dandelions from childhood.

If you want to keep that wild and free feeling with you, then feel free to shop my single wildflower bracelet

Or go wild and shop the triple wildflower bracelet


 Yes, you do belong among the wildflowers!


Of course you can wear silver & gold jewelry!

Mixed Metal aesthetic jewelry and decor

Mixed metal jewelry has been part of my aesthetic since I very first started designing. I love the look!
With a background in Interior design I'm no stranger to using basic design principles. 

And Balance is one of those principles!

Sterling is a "cool" tone and gold is a "warm" tone. Balancing those 2 is easy.
Choose your dominant metal and accent with the opposite!
It's no differnt than other cool/warm tone mixes. 

If you prefer to wear all 1 metal color then by all means go ahead.
But don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and mix your metals if the mood strikes.


How to wear silver & gold jewerly


Jewelry designs shown here are pieces that are either gold dominant or silver dominate.
You can now enjoy not being so matchy-matchy. Which gives the opportunnity to wear more jewelry!

If you want to see more of my mixed metal pieces you can shop necklaces, earrings, or bracelets/cuffs.