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A simple silver artisan made necklace

silver open circle chain necklace on green background

Do you love jewlery? Do you appreciate and value
handcrafted art on many forms? If you answered yes then
maybe my Karma Necklace (shown here) speaks to you!
This simple necklace is crafted by hand. The sterling silver
circle is formed by hand. Then soldered closed. Hammered
in places for interest and texture. This necklace will serve
you well because it goes with everything.
It can be all dressed up or worn with a flannel shirt
and blue jeans.

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Boost your outfit with this cool circle necklace

female wearing blue and silver circle necklace

Some outfits are stand alone. Some outfits require accessories.
This very pretty light blue dress looks like it was meant for
this necklace. This open silver circle is a feminine statement 
necklace. Yes, statement necklaces can be simple. 
Clean lines with style are always a smart choice. This necklace
can go from Farmers market to celebrating an evening out.

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An airy necklace for Spring (or any season)

wearing big silver open circle necklace

When Springtime comes it brings feelings
of sunshine, greenery and newness. Light and airy.
Just like my big silver circle necklace. Not to heavy
but big enough to make a Spring statement to any
of and lighter clothing. This piece adds a lot of character to
simple dresses, tops. Add this to your little black dress
for an eveing out and you'll be looking fly!

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Here we go round in circles and jewelry

silver circle necklace with rustic ridged circles

Going around in circles can feel crazy unless its a fun
kind of circle, like my circle necklace. In fact its the exact
opposite of feeling out of control. Its about being
mindful. Being open and aware of the cycle of
cause and affect. What you give you receive. Which is
why I call this my Karma necklace. Even if there is a lot 
of crazy making in your world, this piece is for staying
true and living with peace inside of you. 

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Date night with a delicate statement necklace

wearing circle necklace on a date

  Date night means special time with your honey. Depending what you do
  it's nice to dress for the occassion. Wearing something you feel good in
  with a date night necklace helps to get the party started! Add some lipstick
  a spash of perfume and who know where the night will take you. 

  My big silver open circle necklace is delicate but also makes a statement.
  It has a nice clean feel and due to its simplicity works with most outfits.

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Be your best self with a prayer box and a karma necklace

silver  open circle necklace with a prayer box

When life feels unmanagable use a prayer box and slip on my Karma necklace.
Prayer boxes are like little mailboxes for your prayers. The idea is to write your prayer on a small slip
of paper and place it in the box. Once delivered in said box - release yourself from worry. And small
cute keepsake box (with lid) will do. 

My Karma necklace features a big open circle that represents the cycle of cause and effect. Keep that
circle flowing with . So its a good reminder to check yourself!  Simplistic design that is easy
to wear.

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Feel comfortable and confident with a silver karma necklace

big open silver circle necklace with top

        Being confident is probably much easier when you are feeling really comfortable. Comfortable in your clothes, body, mind and spirit.
        With all that comfort you'll have plenty of room for a boat load of confidence. For an extra boost of both comfort and confidence
        my silver Karma necklace should do the trick. This necklace is lightweight and simple. You almost forget its around your neck! And that big
        open circle that represents karma is there to remind you that you get what you give. And with that in mind your confidence level should be 
        at the forefront!

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Casual, comfortable sweaters with a simple silver necklace

sweater with sweater dress and big open circle necklace

Comfort is key don't you agree?! Im so tactile and have a need to touch everything. And if its soft
even better. Much much better actually. That does for both clothing and jewelry. This slate gray sweeater
dress just about feels like a well worn sweatshirt. The light peach sweater coat just about feels like
a bathrobe. Doesn't get any more comfy than that. But slipping on my silver circle necklace is very light
weight. You just about forget its on. Its a statement necklace in a very delicate way.

Stay comfy so that no matter what the day throws at you'll feel a little softer and cozy about it!

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A simple silver necklace compliments a busy patterned top

silver circle necklace on flower print johnny was top

When you have a super cool Johnny Was printed top what jewelry looks best? Something simple
of course! Geometric shapes like my big sterling circle necklace is the answer. They balance each other.

Busy and simple. Not to busy. Not to simple!

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