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Here we go round in circles and jewelry

silver circle necklace with rustic ridged circles

Going around in circles can feel crazy unless its a fun
kind of circle, like my circle necklace. In fact its the exact
opposite of feeling out of control. Its about being
mindful. Being open and aware of the cycle of
cause and affect. What you give you receive. Which is
why I call this my Karma necklace. Even if there is a lot 
of crazy making in your world, this piece is for staying
true and living with peace inside of you. 

Browse my Karma necklace here for more details.


Date night with a delicate statement necklace

wearing circle necklace on a date

  Date night means special time with your honey. Depending what you do
  it's nice to dress for the occassion. Wearing something you feel good in
  with a date night necklace helps to get the party started! Add some lipstick
  a spash of perfume and who know where the night will take you. 

  My big silver open circle necklace is delicate but also makes a statement.
  It has a nice clean feel and due to its simplicity works with most outfits.

  Browse my Karma necklace here for more details


Perfect long necklace to wear with all your long scarves

long silver bib necklace on a neck scarf

Those soft cozy Winter scarves not only help keep you warm but are also
seasonal outfit accessories.  Those scarves can also hide all your pretty 
jewelry if your not careful! My solution is to wear a LONG necklace that
compliments your scarf. The answer? My silver chain bib necklace! Those
black cords have an adjustable slide bead. So you can choose just how long
or short you want to wear.  This is so easy to wear with all of your scarves.

Browse my Long silver chain Bib Necklace here.

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