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An artisan silver bib necklace you've been dreaming of

silver circle bib necklace on green background
If you value and appreciate handcrafted art get ready to fall in love with my
Silver Chain Bib necklace. Handcraftedwith textured silver circles that connect
to form this bib. The green background allows you to see just how pretty
wearing green would be with this necklace. One of my favorite features is the
adjustable slide cord. You choose your length!

Browse my Silver Chain Bib Necklace here.

Color inspiration for a silver chain bib necklace

silver bib necklace on pink distressed table
Hello pink, silver, black and gray! Inspiration is all around us if you keep your eyes
open. One glance at this table with my necklace and I could see a whole outfit idea.

I see gray slacks (or a skirt), a pink top, a black scarf and my bib necklace. This color 
scheme is a timeless classic. It will never go out of style. Plus my necklac is 
adjustable. So you can change the length of that cord to wear really long or keep
it shorter. Let the neckline of your outfit decide.

Browse my Silver Chain Bib necklace here

Perfect long necklace to wear with all your long scarves

long silver bib necklace on a neck scarf

Those soft cozy Winter scarves not only help keep you warm but are also
seasonal outfit accessories.  Those scarves can also hide all your pretty 
jewelry if your not careful! My solution is to wear a LONG necklace that
compliments your scarf. The answer? My silver chain bib necklace! Those
black cords have an adjustable slide bead. So you can choose just how long
or short you want to wear.  This is so easy to wear with all of your scarves.

Browse my Long silver chain Bib Necklace here.

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