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Here is your gold jewelry for Summer!

handcrafted gold circle necklace and gold hoop earrings

Scoop up this handcrafted gold open circle necklace and coordinated earrings
for all your Summer outfits.  These pieces will feel light and airy during the heat.
Handcrafted and hammered for extra shine, they will go with anything, really!
Picture a Summer dress, tank top and shorts. Summer wedding to se? Yup,
these pieces dress up nicely. Simple and sophisticated. 

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A little blue and a little red with jewelry

model wearing blue print top with red necklace
Wearing blue and red together sure makes a pop. This 
necklace includes bloth of those colors. The light blue
is turquoise and dark blue is lapis. Shown here are 2
necklaces being worn because, why not?! 
The simple colors of this necklace also work well
with patterned tops. They both make each other better!
And lets notforgete about those earrings you see. 
Those little chips of blue lapis are the perfect compliment
to this necklace and colors! How bout that?! Gotta have
earrings that work too.


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Casual cool Graduation jewelry!

Enjoy the Journey leather necklace & earrings
A graduation necklace that reads 'Enjoy the Journey' says it
all. Because no matter what, we are all on our own unique journey. 
The journey of life with all of its ups and downs. This necklace offers
well wishes, and a positive outlook. This casual cool, wear it everday,
adjustable necklace is a personal reminder to sieze the day.

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Spread some love with a shiny gold heart necklace

wearing pink and a gold heart necklace
Spreading love, laughter and goodness is what its all about. My 
Big Little Heart necklace in gold shines and shines and shines.
Nobody will be left out of this love fest when this heart is
around your neck. It shines so bright that it lights the path
ahead of you! I just came from Trader Joes and got compliments
right and left. I forgot I had it on so that made it extra special.
Kind of like unexpectedly making people smile:) 
Are you ready to spread some love?! 

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A coin necklace to celebrate the last trip taken with a loved one


Isreal coin necklace being worn

This gal came to a trunk show and spied my box of coins. 
When she saw that I had coins from Isreal her necklace was born!
Alicia took a very significant trip with her father to Isreal. It was 
they last trip they took together before he passed away. 
She shared how much that trip meant and the memories she 
holds dear. She said that everytime she wears this necklace 
it brings her joy and love. Hearing that just has me doing
a happy dance.

We all deserve good things and to be reminded of finding what
brings us joy. How wonderful that a neckace I designed offers her that.
I am so grateful!

Browse my Coin & Pearl Necklace here

It comes with a beautiful random coin but you can request a country. If I have it then I'll make that happen.

Welcoming a first born is deserving of a keepsake bracelet

pearl silver chain new mom bracelet

When you go from being a party of two to being a family,
becoming parents for the first time - thats a BIG deal! To mark
the occasion my client wanted a custom keepsake bracelet to honor
this new stage of life. So a bracelet I made. The silver chain portion
of this bracelet allows for more babies. That means more charms. 
Pearls, sterling silver, a Swarovki crystal and a personalized
initial charm (birthdate on reverse side) are all what make this 
piece timeless and meaningful.

For more bracelet details click here

Handcrafted Happy Heart Necklaces

2 gold artisan heart necklaces on table
Not a broken heart but two happy heart necklaces for 
living with love. A reminder to choose how you want to live and feel. 
Love triumphs everything. Let yourself have a happy heart. It just feels 
good. One heart necklace  for you and one for me!

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Does this necklace style speak to you?!

silver turquoise funky artisan charm necklace

This necklace sure speaks to me! I mean I made it of course.
But I do love asymmetrical, unexpected design. Not always so
predictable. This piece was custom and my client gave me
free reign to design. And here is the outcome. 
So if you want a necklace like this or something special
created to have you doing a happy dance shoot me an email.

I'd love to design for YOU!!


Cutest earring & bracelet set

multi color gemstone earrings bracelet on table

     This colorful set of bracelet and earrings are super cute with a 
     blue jean jacket. Always a cool casual style. These grab n go pieces
     won't disappoint. With timeless stones of coral, turquoise,
     black agate and more this bracelet offers a Southwestern aesthetic
     that is always pleasing to the eye! The earrings are complimentary in
     an artistic way. These classic pieces are timeless.



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