A coin necklace to celebrate the last trip taken with a loved one


Isreal coin necklace being worn

This gal came to a trunk show and spied my box of coins. 
When she saw that I had coins from Isreal her necklace was born!
Alicia took a very significant trip with her father to Isreal. It was 
they last trip they took together before he passed away. 
She shared how much that trip meant and the memories she 
holds dear. She said that everytime she wears this necklace 
it brings her joy and love. Hearing that just has me doing
a happy dance.

We all deserve good things and to be reminded of finding what
brings us joy. How wonderful that a neckace I designed offers her that.
I am so grateful!

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It comes with a beautiful random coin but you can request a country. If I have it then I'll make that happen.

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