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Experience Los Angeles with cute earrings and cool offbeat guide book

yellow LA guedebook with artisan earrings

If you're looking for an authentic Los Angeles experience then you need to checkout the
Wildsam Field Guide. This offbeat and soulful guide shares expert intel on everything from palm trees,
surf spots, movie palaces, food, secret stairs, mountain hikes and downtown art.

Of course you'll need some cute earrings before you head out exploring. So why not wear some
some that were made right here in my Southern California Studio?!

You can shop these Iolite Hoop Sticks or feel free browse all of my earrings 

The perfect necklace for a patterned top

patterned top with gold coin necklace

When your favorite tops or sweaters are patterened your jewelry needs to compliment 
in a simple way. That makes this gold coin cluster necklace an easy answer. It's not to busy
and doesn't compete with the pattern.

And it looks just as good with a solid color too. These coins are from all around the world
and feature some beautiful detailed artwork. You'll be wearing a piece of art and true history around
your neck.

Shop here to see all coin jewelry

Chocolate and coin jewelry from foreign land

coin bracelet on hand holding chocolate

            Yup I'm a choco-holic, no doubt about it! I recently discovered this Chocolate
            Mexicano samper of chocolate shaped discs. I'm talking stone ground
            chocolate with true grit.

            Taza Chocolate is handmade in Maryland but uses Mexicano
            spices - chipotle chili and guajillo chili. The sampler includes 8 bold flavors
            that range from spicy to sweet to savory. Yummm!

             Enjoying Mexicano chocolate while wearing my coin bracelet with coins from 
             foreign lands was meant to be.

             For details on my Around the World bracelet shop here 

When wall art matches your bracelets

green beaded gemstone bracelets and framed art

When wall art matches your bracelets - you want to wear both!

Those lovely shades of green are reminniscent of nature. They feel so tranquil and soothing.
When I was restocking jewelry recently at Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA I came across this
gorgeous painting. I had to take a picture!

By the way, these bracelets can also be used with essential oils. Just add a drop of two 
of your favorite on any of the brown wood beads. Re-apply as needed!

For more details shop Home on the Range bracelet

Cute black things and a necklace

black coaster, necklace and a rock

 Whether its decorating or fashion black is timeless. Black and white make a snazzy contrast!

Think black jeans, white sweater and my black crystal necklace.

Black and white coasters look smart.

Black and white polka-dot rocks are just fun and cheerful.

Feeling loved with a big heart bracelet

heart bracelet on hand in hair

   This birthday gal had her eye on my big Amore heart bracelet. And her wish was granted!
   A simple gift of love that she can see and touch everyday. 


   big chunky heart bracelet in wrist with black top

    Monique is a busy entrepreneur herself, so this built to last, hearty bracelet is as strong as she is!

    For more detail shop the Amore bracelet

Holiday style black & silver bracelets for wearing or gifting

dazzling bracelets on wrist for holiday or gift giving

Pile on timeless black and silver bracelets for any holiday party outifit. And of course black and
silver are timeless year round - which makes these a really useful, wearable gift. I sell them 
as singles or a stack of three.

Need some? Shop Midnight Onyx Bracelet here

Jewelry for feeling at home on the range

wood and turquoise jewelry on wood

Earthy tones and stones for feeling at home within yourself. Not fussy or dressy but ready for everyday living.

Plus - the brown wood beads are ready and waiting to have drops of your favorite essentil oil applied. Just a drop
or two will do. Gently rub in and enjoy the scent for hours. And it's no problem if you want a different oil
the next day - you can!

For more info.. 

Shop Home on the Range Necklace or

Home on the Range Bracelet

A long black gemstone tassel necklace is the answer..

pale gold top with long black necklace

It's an instant statement necklace for anything and everything!

Need a quick holiday outfit? Throw this on with black pants and a simple top. Boom!

Going to a concert? Wear this with blue jeans and a white tee shirt. Cool!

Date night? Wear this with a pink blouse or top. Sexy!

Business meeting? Wear this with a gray suit and white shirt. Polished!

Learn more about this Black Beauty here.



Soul Sister's unite with matching cuff bracelets

group hands wearing copper cuffs

This girltribe have been friends for over 40+ years! That's something to celebrate. Having been there
for each other through all of lifes ups and downs really creates a strong bond.

So when my customer was looking for jewelry to give them - my Soul Sister cuff bracelets was the 
perfect solution. These cuffs have 3 tiers decorated with whimsical designs and meaningful words 
that decribe this special kind of friendship.

Shop here to find out what they say!