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A long black gemstone tassel necklace is the answer..

pale gold top with long black necklace

It's an instant statement necklace for anything and everything!

Need a quick holiday outfit? Throw this on with black pants and a simple top. Boom!

Going to a concert? Wear this with blue jeans and a white tee shirt. Cool!

Date night? Wear this with a pink blouse or top. Sexy!

Business meeting? Wear this with a gray suit and white shirt. Polished!

Learn more about this Black Beauty here.



Dress up your cozy sweater with a tassel necklace

long black necklace on model with chunky sweater

    Cozy sweaters aren't just for lounging around. When you want to stay warm and be comfortable but
    have an event that requires a little extra polish - just slip on a long tassel necklace.

     They are long enough to work with sweaters and blazers and add just the right amount of oomph!

     Shop my Black Beauty tassel necklace for details