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A bracelet stack for happier living


wearing a stack of artsy bracelets with blue jeans

Jewelry can change your mood - be it uplifting, sentimental, empowered
or in love. Express yourself by wearing these unpretentiously cool pieces
that reflect your taste, attitude and personality. When slipped these bracelets
on my wrist today I felt armored in feeling like me. and that felt good!

Each of these bracelets carry special meaning. Staring with my Wildflower
bracelet which really has me feeling like a free spirit. My Soulfed 
set of three cuffs is all about feeding your soul with wonderful reminders. The Amore
heart bracelet brings that key ingredient of love. Yes please! And last but
certainly not least is my Petite coin bar bracelet offers a sentimental memory.

All of these together make me feel empowered, a little badass and yes happier!

You can wear your happy too:)

Artisan made Love jewelry


Gifting and wearing love jewelry carries a lot of feel good meaning.
It's the feeling of love. To love and be loved is what it's all about.
My Amore Heart bracelet has been a long time favorite for showing
love. And there are so many kinds of love.
Romantic love, Motherly love, best friend love, and Ive even
customized them with name tags worn in memory of a
passed loved one. There is also self love because thats YOU!!

Browse my Amore Bracelet here

That's amore! [in a heart bracelet]

open heart chain bracelet on rock on trunk

That's amore = that's love in Italian! A beautiful word in any language.  I love
that word so much that I had to include it on my heart bracelet. To love and be loved
is what it's all about. My chunky chain heart bracelet is here to keep you reminded of that

Browse my Amore bracelet here.

Gifting love with an Italian coin heart bracelet

Heart chain bracelet gift with Italian coin on rock

When a dear Italian friends birthday was coming up my customer orderd the most appropriate gift 
for her! A gift filled with love and meaning. A gift that will remind her everytime she wears just how
loved she is.
My heart bracelet come with the amore already engraved in the heart. Amore is the Italian word for 
love. Top it off with an Italian coin where her family immigrated from and you've covered all the bases.
Timeless, meaningful gifts feel so good to give too. 

This link takes you to my heart bracelet.  Want a coin added too? Shoot me an email here!


Express yourself with chunky chain artisan jewelry

mixed metal chunky artisan jewelry

When your style or outfit calls for a pop of unique slip on some artisan jewelry.
You'll be expressing originality, confidence and an appreciation of the arts. Just my kind of people!

My amore heart bracelet is timeless piece for your blue jeans and more. My Chain Reaction necklace
 is a long fun whimisical piece. It can be worn two ways! Both of these pieces play
quite well together!

Would you choose the mixed metal or all silver chunky heart bracelet?!

chunky heart bracelets in brass or silver

How do you prefer your hearts?! Spread some love to your wrists with these chunky bracelets.
Are you a lover of mixed metals? If so then the brass & silver heart is probably your choice.
Not a fan of that? Then you can certainly choose all silver. They both show well.

Did you know the Italian word for love is amore?! I included this very special word on all my
heart bracelets. Love is Love is love is love!


Shop the Amore bracelet here

Feeling loved with a big heart bracelet

heart bracelet on hand in hair

   This birthday gal had her eye on my big Amore heart bracelet. And her wish was granted!
   A simple gift of love that she can see and touch everyday. 


   big chunky heart bracelet in wrist with black top

    Monique is a busy entrepreneur herself, so this built to last, hearty bracelet is as strong as she is!

    For more detail shop the Amore bracelet

Choose a fabulous gift and heart bracelet

heart chain bracelet and painted tile gift

May we ALL choose fabulous every single day!

Life would feel wonderful if we chose fabulous. We would allow ourselves to see
all the amazing goodness in each day. This uplifting handpainted tile from Mindfulnest
is the perfect gift for anyone that you believe is absolutely fabulous.

And you can throw in some love with my chunky chain heart bracelet.
A super cutie mixed metal piece. 

Shop heart bracelet


Love the feel & feel the love with this heart necklace

heart necklace with leather & chain on neck

Uber cool Rita, a clothing designer/CEO of Uberolo (and badass drummer chick)
is wearing a mixed metal heart necklace made by me.

This is what Rita had to say about her purchase-

"Hi Janice! I received my treasures when I got home today!!! Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE my beautiful new necklace and earrings! They are even more beautiful in person. I love your artistry and craftsmanship. Everything was packaged so beautifully. I look forward to wearing your pieces daily, as they go with everything in my closet! And I love that all of your pieces have a special meaning or story … makes them even more special.

 Thank you again!
  xo, Rita"

For more details shop the Feel the Love necklace here.

Enjoying chocolate mousse cake with a stack of bracelets

eating dessert with a bracelet stack

During a previous visit to Louiseville, KY I met up with a fellow jewelry designer for coffee and conversation.

She suggested we meet at the Blue Dog Bakery (on Frankfort Ave). We ordered their famous chocolate
mousse cake and let me tell was to die for!

I learned they sell out of this quickly so put your order in for it early. You won't miss out!
You can be sure that every bite was devoured by me.

I love wearing this cuff and heart bracelet together. They compliment each other so well.
Just like that dessert and my taste buds!

For more details on these pieces- shop cuff and shop heart bracelet