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The perfect bracelet for blue jean outfits

heart bracelet with denim outfit
Blue jean oufits fall into that category of casual cool. And hallelujah that denim has become
acceptible attire for so many ocassions these days. Although it has always acceptable to me.
Along with that casual cool vibe is the right kind of  jewelry, like my chunky chain
heart bracelet. I think it screams - wear me with blue jeans!! And a fresh rose, daisy or
flower is pretty casual cool too:)


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Express yourself with chunky chain artisan jewelry

mixed metal chunky artisan jewelry

When your style or outfit calls for a pop of unique slip on some artisan jewelry.
You'll be expressing originality, confidence and an appreciation of the arts. Just my kind of people!

My amore heart bracelet is timeless piece for your blue jeans and more. My Chain Reaction necklace
 is a long fun whimisical piece. It can be worn two ways! Both of these pieces play
quite well together!

Feeling loved with a big heart bracelet

heart bracelet on hand in hair

   This birthday gal had her eye on my big Amore heart bracelet. And her wish was granted!
   A simple gift of love that she can see and touch everyday. 


   big chunky heart bracelet in wrist with black top

    Monique is a busy entrepreneur herself, so this built to last, hearty bracelet is as strong as she is!

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Wear your love in comfort and wrap your wrist with a heart bracelet

female white shirt with chain bracelet on folded arms

Comfort is key and love is essential.

Comfort is connected to feeling good and love always feels good. Keep your bases covered by 
always wearing some love around your wrist.

Or better yet send some love out to someone else and gift them a handcrafted bracelet made with
a whole lotta love!

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