Blog posts of '2021' 'September'

Complimentary necklace & earrings that look great


silver open circle necklace and open circle earrings

          Matching up jewelry with outfits can be challenging if
          you're one to second guess yourself. I've got this
          necklace and earring pairing all figured out,
          so you don't have too. Handcrafted in sterling silver, 
          these airy pieces are comfortable and statement making
          in a delicate way. The necklace and earring looks just
          as adorable with a flannel shirt and jeans as they would
          wearing your favorite black dress. Let me take the guess
          work out of getting ready!

          Browse my Karma necklace here

          Browse my silver Hoop Stick earrings here


Leaf earrings for Fall that won't fall


bronze leaf earrings with Fall leaves

Fall brings sweater weather, apple picking and all the beautiful 
trees that drop leaves in all the pretty Fall colors. I love the sound 
they make crunching underfoot. I also love my cute Loose Leaf earrings
that will always be there for you. Even when the tree's loose all their
leaves these earrings will be snug as bug waiting just waiting 
for you to slip in your cute little lobes. Wear these with a beanie, 
a turtleneck sweater and you'll be Fall ready. No rake required.

Browse my small/medium Loose Leaf earrings here

Browse my large Loose Leaf earrings here

Happy flowers and earrings

silver hoop stick earrings with leaves & pink flower

Finding joyful things in life makes each day better. Making
life a little happier. This pink bloom is to die for! 
It reminds me of a powder puff. Its such a pretty
pretty thing that just grows for us to enjoy. These
silver geometric earrings also make me happy.
They feel fun and playful. Why not adorn your ears
with whimsical jewlery that makes ya smile?!

Bring as much happy to your day as possible. 
Its just to important!

Browse my long silver Hoop Stick earrings here

The perfect necklace for embroidered tops

gemstone necklace with embroidered top
Embroidery is fabulous. Yes to tops, belts, pillows, jackets,
you name it. The detailed patterns and beautiful color blends
make life a little happier. I've loved embroidery since forever. 

This led to inspiration for just the right necklace
Something simple but complimentary. A design that would
celebrate those amazing colors in an understated way.

My Pretty Stones in a Row necklace has gemstones that are a 
blue-gray and a red-orange. They are delicious colors together.
Wear this with your solids or so cute with a tee shirt.
Any gray outfits would like this.

Browse my Pretty Stones in a Row necklace here for more details

Circle design with a scarf, necklace & earrings


circle earrings, necklace and scarf displayed

When you love circles then why not pair these circle earrings,
circle necklace and circle scarf design. They are fun, lively and
always in style! Circles reprent so many things.

 Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols, and
commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. My necklace
represents the cycle of cause and effect. The earrings are
inspiration for dancing. The scarf? I can't resist a big 
polka-dot scarf. That just represents fun!

Browse my circular Karma Necklace here

Browse my Circle Dance earrings in silver here

Ageless style with green pearl earrings

green pearl hoop earring being worn

No matter your age, jewelry and pretty earrings are always
welcome. Who says you have to loose any sense of fashion as
you age?? Green pearl earrings will always brighten up your mood. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crazy hair color
and fun style keeps us all feeling younger and more alive.
Why? Because its just more fun. Nevermind those wrinkles 
of mine, Ive got jewlery.

Browse my Green Pearl Hoop Earrings here for more details


A stack of sterling silver cuff bracelets for your favorite arm!

sterling silver cuffs in a stack

This stack of cuff bracelets can be worn on your right arm,
your left arm or both arms. Unless you have a favorite
arm that is! This set comes in a stack of five. I could seriously 
wear about 3 stacks of five up my arm. Thats how much I love 
cuff bracelets. How many would you wear?

Browse my Sterling silver stack of five cuffs

Browse my Sterling silver stack of three cuffs

Feel your happy with a colorful necklace

green & teal stick necklace with yellow dress

When life throws you curve balls and you've been feeling gray
you can dress a little happier than you feel. Act is if they say. My 
Verde Belleza gemstone necklace adds happy wherever it goes. 

These teal and greens stones also feel good to touch.
Smooth and comforting. Touch stones at just for you.

Browse the Verde Belleza Neckace here for more details

A unisex necklace for all

hexnut leather necklace on display

When I first designed this necklace it was for my Mens Collection.
However I have always been drawn to various forms of mens style.
Like this necklace. But I also like rugged things. Handbags, boots and belts.
So why should we seperate? Its unisex!

This necklace still looks handsome, simpe and smart on anyone. 
And its OK to layer a bunch together too!


Browse my Hex Nut Leather necklace here for more details


Statement making jewelry that you're going to want!

thick silver chain statement necklace and big silver disc earrings

                Having a statement necklace and pair of earrings
                that you can count on is essential in my book. Especially
                for that last minute funtion. That function that you now
                need to attend. When there is no time to shop for
                something new, having statement jewelry already
                in your pocession can be a real life savor. Pieces like
                my big ORing necklace and Silver Circle Dance earrings 
                can uplevel any outfit. You'll be ready to head out
                the door in no time! Perfectly polished.

                Browse my Big ORing necklace here for more details

                Browse my Silver Circle Dance earrings here for more details