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Feel your happy with a colorful necklace

green & teal stick necklace with yellow dress

When life throws you curve balls and you've been feeling gray
you can dress a little happier than you feel. Act is if they say. My 
Verde Belleza gemstone necklace adds happy wherever it goes. 

These teal and greens stones also feel good to touch.
Smooth and comforting. Touch stones at just for you.

Browse the Verde Belleza Neckace here for more details

A happy necklace adds to a happy day

Colorful gemstone stick necklace on rock
Yes colors do affect our moods!  Yellow is bright and stimulating while blue calm
and soothing. My Totem Pole necklace includes a splash of cheery colors through
these bold gemstones. This necklace is long and casual and sure to add some happy to
your outfit and your day.

Browse my Totem Pole Necklace here.