Blog posts of '2023' 'March'

An Artisan token necklace that includes a big touchstone

gold token clear gemstone necklace on female
For you, an Artisan style necklace that comes with an
authentic old coin plus it includes big wonderful touch stone!

What is a touch stone you ask? Some call it a 'Worry' stone.
Personally I don't like giving worry such prominence here.
I have a few other ideas about it!
But lets start with the stone itself.
Basically its a big smooth stone. The size and smoothness
allows for your fingers to comfortably touch this stone.

The physical touching can bring some anxiety relief.
Something to do with your fingers.
Give that excess energy a place to go!
Its also a relaxing motion. If you're relaxed then
why not add some good juju to it all?! Dream a little dream.
Send out joy, love and hope. or personal intentions. Reminders.
Imagine if..
The stone belongs to you, so you can choose what is most 
comfortable and needed in your life.
I hope this makes sense to you.
Now you know a little bit more about the meaning and benefit of
having a touchstone necklace!

Browse my Touchstone Token Necklace for stone options and more details

Jewelry for date night and special occasions

a couple with female wearing modern pearl necklace & earrings

Date nights can include all kinds of things. But special ones
might requite a cool necklace with complimentary earrings.
This couple was on a cruise so almost every night was
like a date night for them! Cameron is wearing an asymmetrical
gold bar pearl necklace. The pearls are all different sizes. I
love that! The earrings are simple drop dangle pearls that
show up just right!

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Jewelry details that make a difference

female wear gemstone gold chandelier earrings and layered necklaces
Look at all those pretty layered necklaces and those 
beautiful chandelier earrings. ake all of that away and
it becomes boring. OK but still forgettable. Thats no fun.
This pieces pop against her chocolate brown suede jacket
and aqua blouse. And when I say pop I really mean sparkle.
Gold, diamonds, and gemstones definitley brings a smile. 
This long haired darling has earrings that she can count on
showing up! With swinging chain, a mix of gemstone and
crystals they will show quite nicely. Custom made but Im 
always happy to make more!

Browse the Chandelier earrings here for more details

A simple silver artisan made necklace

silver open circle chain necklace on green background

Do you love jewlery? Do you appreciate and value
handcrafted art on many forms? If you answered yes then
maybe my Karma Necklace (shown here) speaks to you!
This simple necklace is crafted by hand. The sterling silver
circle is formed by hand. Then soldered closed. Hammered
in places for interest and texture. This necklace will serve
you well because it goes with everything.
It can be all dressed up or worn with a flannel shirt
and blue jeans.

Browse the Karma necklace here for more details

Yes, Pearl necklaces are also for very casual outfits!

modern pearl necklace on mannequin with blue sweater and leggings
Pearl necklaces aren't just for Grandma, church on
Sunday or weddings. Not anymore that is! Pearls are
just to pretty to be saved for only the most special 
of ocassions. Wear your pearls with blues Jeans,
tee shirts, and leggings as well. Of course you
can still wear your pearl necklace with your
favorite black dress and to weddings or
for any ocassion that leaves you wanting to
feel good about what you ar wearing. What feels
good to you! what feels like you. 

Browse the White Pearl Floating Necklace here for more details

Get your green on with a cute top and earrings

green top on hanger with gold green stone chandelier earrings

When green is your thing for good luck, saving the planet or
just your favorite color - then go for it. Wear all the green you can
with your favorite green tops and my long pretty, green
gemstone earrings. This ensemble could be considered
for date night, a concert, a wedding, happy hour or just hanging
out with your besties. 
These earrings were for a custom order but I'm always happy
to make more. Shoot me an email and we'll get started!

Browse the earrings here for more detail

Casual cute denim style outfit and earrings

silver earrings and a flat lay outfit
An outfit that offers casual, cute, comfort and cool handcrafted
earrings for everyday. Or for the Farmers Market or Sunday brunch,
or for a picnic or a day at the museum. Blue jeans are part of almost
everything I wear. I love that jeans can now be worn to so
many places. That makes me a happy camper. All these outfit details
add up to making you feel the most comfortable you can be in
your own skin. And that includes comfortable jewelry and
lightweight earrings as well. Otherwise you day may
not be as enjoable!

Browse my World of Good earrings here

Easy go-to silver and black earrings

modern silver oval black gemstone earrings on green nnackground
Having a pair of easy go-to earrings for everyday is a life saver!
Lightweight earrings with casual cool style. You can wear
these to work with a business suit. Or with your blue jeans
and a flannel shirt. Or with your favorite black dress. That 
touch of black with the faceted onyx gemstone is smart,
sassy and strong. 

Browse the Ella earrings here for more details

A cool gemstone bracelet with that can be used with essential oils

black green gemstone essential oil diffuse bracelet on ornate vase
This cool gesmtone bracelet workd double duty for you!
First you get to wear and see these pretty rocks and stones
around your wrist. Adding color and style and meaningful
gemstones. The 2nd part comes from being able to add drops
of your favorite essential or oils to select beads. These oils
are absorbed and offer many benefits to your well being. 

Essential oils have so many benefits. In bracelet form you get
to carry around this scent where ever you go. The oils can provide
calming, curb nausea and even help you feel more awake and alert.

Browse the Serenity Now bracelet for more details.

Fun neutral statement earrings

handcrafted silver double hoop earrings on textured post

Neutral earrings are great choice becasue they can blend easily
with many colors. Statement earrings are fun because
they are ususally big and expressive. Adding some flair to
anything you are wearing - even if its just a sweatshirt!
Plus my earring criteria is that they must be light weight!
I mean how can you enjoy wearing something pretty and
eye catching if it heavy and uncomfortable? No me!
So rest assure, these earrings are light as a feather!

Browse my Hoop de Hoop earrings here for more details