An Artisan token necklace that includes a big touchstone

gold token clear gemstone necklace on female
For you, an Artisan style necklace that comes with an
authentic old coin plus it includes big wonderful touch stone!

What is a touch stone you ask? Some call it a 'Worry' stone.
Personally I don't like giving worry such prominence here.
I have a few other ideas about it!
But lets start with the stone itself.
Basically its a big smooth stone. The size and smoothness
allows for your fingers to comfortably touch this stone.

The physical touching can bring some anxiety relief.
Something to do with your fingers.
Give that excess energy a place to go!
Its also a relaxing motion. If you're relaxed then
why not add some good juju to it all?! Dream a little dream.
Send out joy, love and hope. or personal intentions. Reminders.
Imagine if..
The stone belongs to you, so you can choose what is most 
comfortable and needed in your life.
I hope this makes sense to you.
Now you know a little bit more about the meaning and benefit of
having a touchstone necklace!

Browse my Touchstone Token Necklace for stone options and more details

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