Blog posts of '2020' 'November'

Shake rattle and roll with big round statement earrings

big gold disc earrings in a row

When you need a boost of energy to get yourself going my super big hammered
Circle Dance earrings are very motivating. They may even make you feel more energetic than
you actually are! And they will never weigh you down because they are as light as can be.

Click here to learn more about my Circle dance earrings

A round of hugs & kisses with a bracelet

silver xox cuff bracelet with denim
This bracelet lets you take a dose of love -complete with hugs and kisses - everywhere you go.
Your wrist will be wrappped with these feel-good reminders to keep your spirits high and your heart
nurtured. Its a perfect give to give anyone and that includes yourself! Can you feel it?!

This custom cuff was made for someone but I'd love to make you one too:)

Easily adaptable with a little black necklace

black necklace with a polka dot top
When you need one necklace that will work with many outfits a black necklace always
works. Black is striking with bright colors, its complimentary with neutral colors and looks 
bold with all white. A solid black necklace also works great with your patterned tops,
jackets and sweaters. This necklace was custom made with a beautiful spinel gemstone.
I am happy to make you one too. 
Shoot me an email for your custom necklace

When relaxed meets refined with a coin necklace

Red stone coin necklace worn on female

You can enjoy the best of both worlds with soft clothes and a beautifullly simple coin necklace.
Comfort is key and your personal style lets you feel like you. Whether your staying cozy to run errands
head to the Farmers market or just taking a walk you can still pop on your favortite necklace.

Check out my Wanderlust Coin Collection here to find your own coin necklace.



Earthy Artisan bracelet stack for your blue jeans

colorful gemstone stack on arm'
Blue jean style calls for cool down to earth jewelry. The more eclectic the better. Like the stack Im showing
here includes an aromatherapy bracelet and my Moonglow double stand bracelet (the moon is hiding
underneath in this photo!) They all compliment each other as well as your blue jeans. That is a
must for me. This stack is extra good because its really just two bracelets doing all that showing off!

Moonglow Bracelet

Serenity Now Aromatherapy Bracelet

Jewelry gifts in shades of teal

teal crystal necklace and 3 earring sets

These jewelry gifts are for lovers of blue and greens. Combine those colors and you get rich teal 
which looks striking and the crystals feel festive. Since no two stones are alike each Druzy stone necklace
is unique. I designed complimentary crystal earrings to fit several styles or personalities! So can gift away.
You'll be gifting unique artisan jewelry, supporting small business and American made. 

For more jewelry detail click below

Druzy Stone necklace

Holiday Shop

Pretty scarf that show off a pretty necklace

silver beloved necklace worn with scarf

Cooler weather brings out scarves and extra layers. Scarves are cozy and can complete or compliment
your outfit. When you can coordinate your jewelry like this pretty necklace its icing on the cake. 



wearing outfit with mixed metal beloved necklace

Of course this necklace is simple and has a mixed metal design. The silver and gold mixed metal
allows for wearing this neckalce with both cool and warm tones. Consider a mixed metal necklace if
you don't already have one. They are so versatile!

Earthy jewelry for earthy folks

metal flower necklace gemstone bracelet
Earthy things usually look, smell, or feel like the earth. In this case my Wild flower necklace is earthy
indeed. If you love Mother Nature and appreciate the great outdoors that you most likely appreciate
earthy jewelry. Besides my necklace iis an earthy essential oil gemstone bracelet. You can apply your |
favorite earthyscented oils to the porous brown wood beads and keep those scents with you all day long.
And keep your eye out for those wonderful own to earth people - they are open, honest, real and
a welcome pleasure. 

Wildflower Necklace

Home on the Range essential oil bracelet

For lovers of black jewelry

black chain Y necklace on mannequin
Some people prefer bright colored jewelry and some people prefer black jewelry. Being a jewelry designer
I have a love for ALL of it. Just depends on the season and my mood of course. However I do feel you 
just can't go wrong with at least one black necklace. Black is smart and striking. The thing with black 
jewelry is that is looks fantastic and dramatic when dressed up or just plain badass cool with blue jeans.

If you like this style of my (black) Midnight Sky necklace click here for my info. 

Enjoy your essentials oils all day long with a necklace

essential leather gemstone necklaces in hand

Thats right, you can wear and enjoy your favorite essential oils, all day long by wearing a diffuser necklace.
The oil is applied right on the black lava stones in this necklace. Lava stones are porous so they are
able to absorb the oils. After the oils are dropped on 1 or all of the black beads, gently rub in and the
aroma will be with you for hours, depending how much you use. And there is an oil for everything!

Click here for more info on my Serenity Now necklaces