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Essential oil blends and a bracelet

gemstone aromatherapy bracelet and guide book
For the love of essential oils, blends and bracelets. There are just soooo many good
essential oils scents available. And the blends really allow for some powerful combinations.
I love the common and oh so popular lavender because of it soothing and calm benefits.

But when I wanted to try blending oils I found some some good "recipes" in the book
shown here. I found a great blend for headaches. This blend uses three oils. Lavender,
basil and peppermint! Add that to my Serenity Now aromatherapy bracelet and
you'll tackle that headache.

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Earthy Artisan bracelet stack for your blue jeans

colorful gemstone stack on arm'
Blue jean style calls for cool down to earth jewelry. The more eclectic the better. Like the stack Im showing
here includes an aromatherapy bracelet and my Moonglow double stand bracelet (the moon is hiding
underneath in this photo!) They all compliment each other as well as your blue jeans. That is a
must for me. This stack is extra good because its really just two bracelets doing all that showing off!

Moonglow Bracelet

Serenity Now Aromatherapy Bracelet

Earthy jewelry for earthy folks

metal flower necklace gemstone bracelet
Earthy things usually look, smell, or feel like the earth. In this case my Wild flower necklace is earthy
indeed. If you love Mother Nature and appreciate the great outdoors that you most likely appreciate
earthy jewelry. Besides my necklace iis an earthy essential oil gemstone bracelet. You can apply your |
favorite earthyscented oils to the porous brown wood beads and keep those scents with you all day long.
And keep your eye out for those wonderful own to earth people - they are open, honest, real and
a welcome pleasure. 

Wildflower Necklace

Home on the Range essential oil bracelet

How to spread love with an aromatherapy bracelet

aromatherapy earthy gemstone stack bracelets

Let yourself and everyone around you breathe in the wonderful essential oil,
love potion recipe blend!

This blend smells soooo good. Just mix 3 drops each of Bergamont,
Ylang Ylang and Orange essential oils. Apply directly to your home diffuser (I have this one
and just love it) or mix in a mini refillable bottle. Use directly onto your aromatherapy jewelry.

For jewelry only a drop or two is needed. Gently rub into the black lava or wood beads. These beads
will absorb the oil and sent is reapplied as needed.

Love will definitly be in the air with this smell good blend!

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Essential oil bracelets use pungent plant base oils

arm with aromatherapy stack bracelets in the garden

Yes those oils that are used for aromatherapy come from plants. How wonderful is that?

The next time you are out on a walk stop and smell the plants! Better yet rub your fingers
on the leaves then sniff. That really opens up the scent. Look for a lavender bush, herb garden
or anything that catches your eye. It's surprisingly fun.

For the bracelets shown here the oil would be dropped on the brown wood beads. They
are porous and will absorb the oils. Just a drop or two is  needed.

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