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A simple stylish essential oil diffuser necklace for every day!

wearing black round stone necklace with brown sweater

A necklace that is stylish, simple and can carry a fragrant
essential oil while you are wwearing. How great is that? There
is an oil or a blend of oils for everything these days. 

Imagine wearing this necklace and enjoying the extra
benefit of of choosing an oil that allows you to have a heavenly scent.
Or one that offers headache relief if you're feeling it.
And good ole Lavender essential oils bring a feeling of calming
and stress relief. 

Changing gears from essential oils, this necklace is so
good just as it is. So if you know nothing about essential oils,
that A-OK! Enjoy the bold black textured stone, and clean lines that
really will compliment so many things in your wardrobe. Everyone 
should have at least one black necklace!

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Bring the beach to you with an aromatherapy bracelet

at the beach wearing an essential bracelet

If you are lucky enough to live by a beach by all means you can soak up all the sounds and feels
that it brings. But if you don't live near a beach you can enjoy this "Vitamin Sea" essental oil blend and 
a drop or so to an essential oil bracelet like mine.

This blend uses rosemary, spearment, peppermint and lavendar. The best way to make a blend is to
combine these oils in small 2ml glass bottles. If you don't own any essential oils you can buy them
lots of places these days. Here is a essential set from Amazon to get you started.

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Plant based oils are the perfect addition for this big lava necklace

black lava necklace hanging in plants

My big black lava necklace is screaming for a big drop of essential oil. The benefits of
essential oils cover all kinds of territory. The most important one (I think)
at the moment would be for immunity and health.

Thieves is the oil for that! It's known to boost the immune system, promote respiratory health,
and fight microbes. The oil is so easy to apply. Just add a drop or two onto this big black stone.
Gently rub in and reapply as needed!

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How to spread love with an aromatherapy bracelet

aromatherapy earthy gemstone stack bracelets

Let yourself and everyone around you breathe in the wonderful essential oil,
love potion recipe blend!

This blend smells soooo good. Just mix 3 drops each of Bergamont,
Ylang Ylang and Orange essential oils. Apply directly to your home diffuser (I have this one
and just love it) or mix in a mini refillable bottle. Use directly onto your aromatherapy jewelry.

For jewelry only a drop or two is needed. Gently rub into the black lava or wood beads. These beads
will absorb the oil and sent is reapplied as needed.

Love will definitly be in the air with this smell good blend!

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When wall art matches your bracelets

green beaded gemstone bracelets and framed art

When wall art matches your bracelets - you want to wear both!

Those lovely shades of green are reminniscent of nature. They feel so tranquil and soothing.
When I was restocking jewelry recently at Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA I came across this
gorgeous painting. I had to take a picture!

By the way, these bracelets can also be used with essential oils. Just add a drop of two 
of your favorite on any of the brown wood beads. Re-apply as needed!

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Seize the day with this essential oil blend and bracelet

Green, gold, black essential oil bracelet on wrist

When you need a boost of energy to seize the day try this fabulous blend of these plant
based oils that are SO beneficial.

Use the oils listed below to create this blend. Then add a drop or 2 to the black lava beads.
Gently rub in and reapply as needed.

-Peppermint oil

-Eucalyptus oil

-Valor oil

If you need some small bottles to create these blends shop these mini bottles here

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