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Plant based oils are the perfect addition for this big lava necklace

black lava necklace hanging in plants

My big black lava necklace is screaming for a big drop of essential oil. The benefits of
essential oils cover all kinds of territory. The most important one (I think)
at the moment would be for immunity and health.

Thieves is the oil for that! It's known to boost the immune system, promote respiratory health,
and fight microbes. The oil is so easy to apply. Just add a drop or two onto this big black stone.
Gently rub in and reapply as needed!

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Concert style with a black top, jacket, sunglasses and necklace

black outfit and necklace on female

Not sure what to wear to a concert? All black anything will take of that! Don't forget about a black
necklace to complete the look. This big round hunk of lava stone is almost the size
of an orea cookie. It can be worn long or can add a drop of essential
oil onto that stone. Just gently rub in and reapply oil as needed. Now off to that concert:)

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Jewelry for feeling at home on the range

wood and turquoise jewelry on wood

Earthy tones and stones for feeling at home within yourself. Not fussy or dressy but ready for everyday living.

Plus - the brown wood beads are ready and waiting to have drops of your favorite essentil oil applied. Just a drop
or two will do. Gently rub in and enjoy the scent for hours. And it's no problem if you want a different oil
the next day - you can!

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