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On the go with aromatherapy bracelets

wearing gemstone aromatherapy bracelets outside
Aromatherapy bracelets are just like regular bracelets except they require some type of porous bead.
Lava and wood beads are porous and commonly used in this type of bracelet. The porous beads are
necessary because that what the oils drops go on. Those beads will absorb the oil when gently
rubbed in.

I'm wearing my Serenity Now bracelets stacked together becuase two is better than one! So when you're
out and about, or on the go you can keep those scents with you throughout the day just by wearing
your bracelet. There are oils for just about everything these days. This is self care keeping you company.

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Take your aromatherapy bracelets for a drive

wearing aromatherapy bracelets on arm in car
You can drop your favorite essential oils onto the porous lava beads. Gently rub in and those scents
will go everywhere you go. In the car for a drive, out on a walk, to work or an evening out. 

Not feeling in the mood to use a scent? No worries. Just wear your bracelet/s as is and enjoy the stones.
This stack of two bracelets was made for Keith but I can make custom bracelets for anyone.

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When wall art matches your bracelets

green beaded gemstone bracelets and framed art

When wall art matches your bracelets - you want to wear both!

Those lovely shades of green are reminniscent of nature. They feel so tranquil and soothing.
When I was restocking jewelry recently at Mindfulnest in Burbank, CA I came across this
gorgeous painting. I had to take a picture!

By the way, these bracelets can also be used with essential oils. Just add a drop of two 
of your favorite on any of the brown wood beads. Re-apply as needed!

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Jewelry for feeling at home on the range

wood and turquoise jewelry on wood

Earthy tones and stones for feeling at home within yourself. Not fussy or dressy but ready for everyday living.

Plus - the brown wood beads are ready and waiting to have drops of your favorite essentil oil applied. Just a drop
or two will do. Gently rub in and enjoy the scent for hours. And it's no problem if you want a different oil
the next day - you can!

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Sunday brunch is even better with serenity bracelets

eating brunch with bracelets

Eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce is hard to beat. I mean!! Especially
from Clutch and Coffee  which is out here on the west coast. They just serve breakfast
and lunch and all is oh so good.

Wearing 2 of my Serenity Now braclets only added to all of this deliciousness.

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Seize the day with this essential oil blend and bracelet

Green, gold, black essential oil bracelet on wrist

When you need a boost of energy to seize the day try this fabulous blend of these plant
based oils that are SO beneficial.

Use the oils listed below to create this blend. Then add a drop or 2 to the black lava beads.
Gently rub in and reapply as needed.

-Peppermint oil

-Eucalyptus oil

-Valor oil

If you need some small bottles to create these blends shop these mini bottles here

Still don't have an aromatherapy bracelet to use?

Shown above is our Serenity Now bracelet but there are more to choose from

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