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On the go with aromatherapy bracelets

wearing gemstone aromatherapy bracelets outside
Aromatherapy bracelets are just like regular bracelets except they require some type of porous bead.
Lava and wood beads are porous and commonly used in this type of bracelet. The porous beads are
necessary because that what the oils drops go on. Those beads will absorb the oil when gently
rubbed in.

I'm wearing my Serenity Now bracelets stacked together becuase two is better than one! So when you're
out and about, or on the go you can keep those scents with you throughout the day just by wearing
your bracelet. There are oils for just about everything these days. This is self care keeping you company.

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Browsing books with a Mistura watch and bracelet stack

Mistura watch & bracelet on arm touching books

Watches have become part of bracelet stacks. They can blend right in and become part of that
fun statement on you wrist. Earthy and rugged watches or dainty and delicate they all
compliment each other. My new Mistura watch wanted to be in a stack at once!

Why not keep an eye on the time while you are browsing books and wearinging
some jewelry with benefits. Yep you heard that right -jewelry with benefits. The copper cuff has
antimicrobial benefits. Touch it often as it works like hand sanitizer.

Included in this stack is an essential oil diffuser bracelet. These bracelets are wonderful because you can add drops of your favorite or most useful oil. There are oils from everything from headaches to mosquito bites. Just a drop or two of oil is added to the brown wooden beads on this on bracelet. The scent can be reapplied as needed. This lets you take your oils everywhere you go!

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In the garden with aromatherapy jewelry and an elephant

aromatherapy bracelets on an elephant in garden

What do plants, elephants and aromatherapy bracelets have in common?
plants produce the healing scented oils that are used on these bracelets. Elephants are symbols
for good luck and protection.

My Serenity Now bracelets are about adding some balance to your life.
Allowing you to feeling protected when wearing a soothing oil. When I stepped into my friends
garden and saw her cute little elephant, I knew it was meant to be in this photo!


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Soaking up fresh air and sunshine with an aromatherapy peace bracelet

aromatherapy bracelet on arm with feet in the grass

Peace of mind can be the feeling of calm and quiet. Harmony within. Sitting with my feet in grass
with a sweet breeze feels like a peaceful recharge for me. 

My peace bracelet is here to remind you of this feeling..

Remembering 1967 lyrics from the Youngbloods.. 

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now.
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