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When you can't decide on a necklace wear them ALL!!



wearing many layers of mixed metal jewelry

          My sister Anne is wearing all the necklaces here! She knows how to
          style it up. Doesn't matter if she running to the grocery store,
          a meeting or visting a friend - she is like walking art! I love her style
          and of course seeing her dripping in my jewelry makes my tail wag.

          Here she is layered in my Flower Queen necklace, Strong Love necklace,
          Feel the Love necklace and a pair of custom earrings.

          Feel free to browse my Necklace Collection here


Feeling well traveled with a coin cluster necklace!

outside wearing a coin cluster necklace

After being homebound for what felt like a very long time, I slipped 
on my coin cluster necklace. Its like a trip around the world. Kinda sorta!
These old coins are fabulous. You are wearing art history! My cluster
necklace is all in gold. Being one metal color makes
this very easy to wear with busy patterns like my top
and sweater. My ears didn't want to be left out of the party
so I popped in my Circle Dance earrings play very well with this necklace.
So feel free to copy this look!

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Remembering a loved one with a blue kyanite necklace

Wearing a blue gemstone gold chain necklace
My dear customer Cameron was given some gorgeous raw kyanite
gemstones. The significance of the stones are very special to her.
they were passed down from a loved one who passed away. I was
thrilled to make her a keepsake necklace with these very
unique stones.

The necklace was kept very simple. All the attention can be 
focused on those meaningful kyanite stones.

Blue Kyanire is known as a stone of channeling, altered
states, vivid dreams, dream recall, and visualizations.
It gives protection during these states. It brings loyalty,
honesty and tranquility and diminishes anger and confusion.
How about having all of that wrapped around your neck?!


If you have your own special keepsake stones I'd love
to create something unique just for you.


See more details about this necklace here.

Blue jeans with a pearl necklace

pearl necklace with blue jeans
If you haven't already noticed pearl necklaces are currently making a
big fashion statement. I have always loved pearls worn in a 
very casual or eclectic style. But Im happy to see thay they are
trending because I think everyone should have pearls - that
suit your jewelry personality!

This pearl necklace features an old very cool coin from Finland.
I love the look of old coins, pearl and blue jeans. Timeless I say!!

For more details on the necklace click here

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pearls and coins!

All the flower feels with a necklace

wearing flower chain necklace outside

Rain or shine, Winter or Fall you can wear this bold flower necklace
all year long! Flowers make you feel better. Flowers are like fun whimsical
little miracle from nature. Of course I love all the fabulous bold color
combinations from real live flowers. But when you don't have a garden
and you arent able to wear a lei all the can enjoy my
metal flower necklace and feel like Queen of the garden any time

Browsr my fabulous flower necklace here

Simple Summer necklace that goes from day to night

silver gold stick necklace on post at beach

This light and airy necklace is casual and cute during
the day. But this same necklace is elegant and eyecatching at night.
You can dress her up by slipping on your little black dress
and watch her sparkle and shine. Being carfted in both silver and gold
allows for easy blending with all other jewerly and outfits.

This necklace is so versatile that it would be a great vacation or travel piece of jewelry.

For more details browse my Silver & Gold necklace here

On the go unisex bracelets

unisex beaded bracelets at the beach

When you are on the go slip on a bracelet to optimize 
the adventure! Roll these onto your wrist and head on out the door.
One of the bracelets has interesting beads sand cast in Africa. The
other bracelet with grays and copper beads is a great companion. 
You can always wear way more than two! Get multiples of each or add
to your current favorites. 

Wear to the beach, out running errands or to work. Wear on
your next evening out to express your stylin self.

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Beach bliss and silver cuff bracelets

silver cuff stack on fence at beach!

Have you heard the acronym for the word beach? I love it. 
Its best-escape-anyone-could-have! Pile on my stack of cuff
 bracelets and its even better. The sterling silver shines bright out in the sun.
You can stack them up with a sundress, swimsuit or shorts. They are
casual enough for every day. You can wear a stack of three,
or a stack of five, or a single cuff all by itself.

Browse my cuff bracelets here

Roses are red bracelets are blue

male wearing blue bracelet holding red rose

This rose is red and this bracelet is blue. Of course roses and bracelets

Come in other colors but this is how the verse goes! And this handsome 

Bracelet also has brown and aqua gemstones because they look so good together!

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Color inspiration for blue gemstone hoop earrings

blue-gemstone hoop earrings with colorful scarf
Ive always got my eyes open for color inspiration. It's everywhere if 
you keep your eyes open. Sometimes I find it in nature but
sometimes I find it in my own closet! It was by accident
that I discovered just how appealing all the colors of my scarf
are with these pretty earrings. This scarf had slipped off my scarf hangar
onto my closet floor. I had these earrings in my hand when I picked
it up. My earrings have a soft blue gemstones and this scarf has
bands of blue, teal, olive green and yellow greens. Each color Looks
SO pretty with these earrings. Even if it is just one of those colors you
can't go wrong. So keep your eyes open for new unexpected inspiration.

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