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Color inspiration for blue gemstone hoop earrings

blue-gemstone hoop earrings with colorful scarf
Ive always got my eyes open for color inspiration. It's everywhere if 
you keep your eyes open. Sometimes I find it in nature but
sometimes I find it in my own closet! It was by accident
that I discovered just how appealing all the colors of my scarf
are with these pretty earrings. This scarf had slipped off my scarf hangar
onto my closet floor. I had these earrings in my hand when I picked
it up. My earrings have a soft blue gemstones and this scarf has
bands of blue, teal, olive green and yellow greens. Each color Looks
SO pretty with these earrings. Even if it is just one of those colors you
can't go wrong. So keep your eyes open for new unexpected inspiration.

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