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A modern, practical, durable bracelet stack

wearing a stack of three silver chain bracelets
A stack of three bracelets from my Steel Toe Collection that is
both practical and stylish. Thats hard to beat! The 
Hedy bracelet, the Ella bracelet and the Serena are all
a cool modern industrial style. Practical because these are all made
with staniless steel chain. Stainless steel is an amazing metal. Its 
strong and hearty. Tarnish free means it stays shiny.
And is hypoallergenic which is always a plus. 
All the bracelets, necklaces and earring in this collection
were designed for lots of mixing and matching.

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Absolutely yes to silver jewelry worn with gray

2 silver bracelets worn with gray outfit

Gray clothes and silver jewelry are gorgeous together! Both the color
gray and silver metal are in the cool tone category. They match so to speak. 
Shown here is my large link paperclip chain Hedy bracelet. Accompanied by the
tiny layered beadball chain Joan bracelet. In this case opposits attract! 
When you want to stay cool choose cool tones!

Browse the Hedy Bracelet here

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A necklace that adds oomf to an outfit


orange dress & big silver chain gold ring necklace

All our outfits need some oomf whether its dainty or bold. My Big
Oring necklace definitley makes a statement. Jewelry and accessories
bring all the fun details. Without those details it would be like to going
into a house with no pictures on the walls. Kind of boring.
Jewelry, belts, and scarves all bring some personality.
Or go my necklace is powerful and stands alone. 

Browse my Big ORing necklace here

Modern jewelry with a cool vibe

modern silver & black jewelry set on wood
Modern jewelry that is cool with blue jeans, sleek when 
dressed up and smart with work attire.  Say hello to my Ella necklace,
Ella bracelet, and of course, Ella earrings. Need something new for your
little black dress? Here ya go. Enjoy something new to your
business suits or outfits. Im all about blue jeans and yes indeed these
go with all your denim pants, skirts, dresses and jackets!

For more details

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Jewelry from travels

old coin charm bracelet on wrist
This dazzling coin bracelet is made up of real old coins from 
all over the world. Yes indeed! This beautiful old coins are full of
at history and have a LOT of character. I have so many coins that to 
offer. Maybe I have coins from your favorite destination
(or a bunch of them). Or maybe you have coins collected from
travels that I could turn into jewelry for you? Either way I absolutley 
love designing all kinds f coin jewelry. 
Plus coin jewelry makes for a really personal gift. Imagine gifting a 
necklace or bracelet with a coin that represents the recipients 
heritage as well as a birthstone. BOOM. Now that a pretty cool gift
in my book. Hit me up if you want something made. Or shop my ready 
to wear.

Browse my Around the World Coin bracelet here

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Keeping Mom close to heart with a unisex cross necklace

unisex stamped silver cross necklace on rock

Jewelry can be sentimental and heart warming. We use jewelry
to celebrate everything from love and new babies to dear memories
of loved ones no longer here. My Riveted Cross necklace includes an option
for stamped message on backside. My customer order this for her nephew
whose Mother recently passed away. He can now wear this sentimental piece
wherever he goes and take her with him.

For more details browse my Riveted Cross Necklace that comes in silver, brass or copper

A necklace that goes from casual cool to elegant

silver gold hammered stick necklace w/blue scarf

Having one necklace that can easily go from casual cool to 
elegant evening apparel is - beautifully practical. And that's my kind
of necklace. An easy vacation necklace if you want to travel light in
the jewelry department. Wear it with shorts and a tee shirt
during the day. Or slip it on your little black dress in the evening.
Silver and gold mixed metals are stunning.
Silver and gold easily mixes with ALL of your jewlery!

Browse my Silver & Gold Necklace here for more details

Pearls for June

white pearl jewelry with colorful scarf
Pearls for June is about celebrating the June borns with the 
pretty pearl birthstones like this necklace and bracelet. But pearls in 
June also feel refreshing like Summer. they do come from the Sea after all.

This floating pearl bracelet with a Summer dress sounds just right.
Or my artsy asymmetrical pearl necklace with a filmy colorful scarf
is classy and chic. So if you are a June babe, lucky you! Not a June born,
pearls are for anybody and everybody. Jump in and adorn yourself with 
these iridescent pretties.

Browse my Pearl Bracelet here
Browse my Pearl Necklace here

Setting intentions with jewelry & Anne LaMott's book

anne amott book with necklaces
Living with intention is all about choosing how you want to live
and feel. I've got a great book and jewelry to help you stay 
hopeful and happy about this journey of life! The book shown here
by Anne Lamott is a good read about the current times we are in.
She is one of my favorite authors. Shes funny too. I highly recommend. 

Another way to keep focused on how you want to live and feel
is with word jewelry. Words that you can see everyday in jewery form.
Your chosen words can be reminders for what suits you.
The Just for Today necklace is about living for today and this very
moment only. No need to focus on yesterday or tomorrow. 
And when you're feeling in need of some support the serenity prayer helps.
That's about asking for serenity for the things you cannot change.
Asking for courage - for the things that you CAN change. And of course, asking for
widsdom - to know the difference.



Shop my Use Your Words necklace options to create the words or
intentions YOU want.


Shop this Ann Lamott book at Target.

A necklace full of Junes birthstones with an old coin


peacock blue pearl necklace on rock

Birthstones make great jewelry gifts. Your birthstone represents YOU!
And the birhtstone for the month of June are pearls. How lucky are the 
June borns?! Shown here is a long blue/gray/purplish pearl necklace.
Often these are called peacock pearls because of those color blends.
This necklace also feature an old beautifully detailed coin. Imagine
recieving a long birthstone pearl necklace that includes a coin that
celebrates your familu heritage?! EXTRA special!!

Shop my Wanderlust Coin Collection to see more pearls and coins
If you want a specific coin and pearl color, please don't hesitate to ask.
I've got loads of old coins and pearls!