Setting intentions with jewelry & Anne LaMott's book

anne amott book with necklaces
Living with intention is all about choosing how you want to live
and feel. I've got a great book and jewelry to help you stay 
hopeful and happy about this journey of life! The book shown here
by Anne Lamott is a good read about the current times we are in.
She is one of my favorite authors. Shes funny too. I highly recommend. 

Another way to keep focused on how you want to live and feel
is with word jewelry. Words that you can see everyday in jewery form.
Your chosen words can be reminders for what suits you.
The Just for Today necklace is about living for today and this very
moment only. No need to focus on yesterday or tomorrow. 
And when you're feeling in need of some support the serenity prayer helps.
That's about asking for serenity for the things you cannot change.
Asking for courage - for the things that you CAN change. And of course, asking for
widsdom - to know the difference.



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intentions YOU want.


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