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Setting intentions with jewelry & Anne LaMott's book

anne amott book with necklaces
Living with intention is all about choosing how you want to live
and feel. I've got a great book and jewelry to help you stay 
hopeful and happy about this journey of life! The book shown here
by Anne Lamott is a good read about the current times we are in.
She is one of my favorite authors. Shes funny too. I highly recommend. 

Another way to keep focused on how you want to live and feel
is with word jewelry. Words that you can see everyday in jewery form.
Your chosen words can be reminders for what suits you.
The Just for Today necklace is about living for today and this very
moment only. No need to focus on yesterday or tomorrow. 
And when you're feeling in need of some support the serenity prayer helps.
That's about asking for serenity for the things you cannot change.
Asking for courage - for the things that you CAN change. And of course, asking for
widsdom - to know the difference.



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Wear your favorite names in a long necklace

mom charm necklace on wood display
Would it make you feel better to see your favorite happy, inspiring
words or names on a chain around your neck? My necklaces are long
enough for you to easily see and read while wearing. This necklace features 
the names of a momma's 2 precious children. Her loves. Those names
must make her feel proud of being a mom honoring her little humans. 

You can choose ANY words that you want. This is my USE Your Words necklace
Have some fun and choose exactly what you want to be reminded of. Or what makes you 
laugh. Or your favorite words to live by.

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Self care gift that includes a necklace

charm necklace and body lotion

Don't overlook the gift of self-care! Life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. Self-care
helps you better cope with stress and allows you to prioritize whats important to you. I like
to think of self-care as the instructions you get on air travel - put your oxygen mask on
first and then put on your child. By doin so you are better able to take of your child. And
by excersicing personal self-care you'll feel better and that spreads to all those around you.

While everyone may have their own self care needs it boils down to things will ultimately
make you feel better, calm, loved, soothed, relaxed etc. For soothing scented luxury a nice
lotion is always refreshing. This lemon basil lotion from Michael Design Works is heavenly. 

They have all kinds of items to choose from. My Use Your Words charm necklaces are made to
order with absolutley anything you want those word tags to say. This gives you the option
to choose words that will bring love, hope, gratitiude and maybe some really feel good
memories. Self care gifts cannot be beat!!


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