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Cool feminine layered necklaces

model earing layered bronze necklaces and leaf earrings
Layered necklaces add a lot punch to your outfits. And layer yourself with whatever 
style of jewelry fits your personality. Feminine or masculine or 
a bend of both. 

Sklyer is layered up in bronze chain and forged bars of bronze. 
The top necklace is called Bar None. Its uniquely offset. The longer
one is my Sundancer necklace. It has a giant Swarovski crystal pendant
dazzels in the sun. And last but not least are my "smaller" bronze
Loose Leaf earrings. They are light enough to compiment the
necklaces and not overpower. Don't be afraid to layer your jewelry!!

Shop the Bar None necklace

Shop the Sundancer necklace

Shop the Small Loose Leaf earrings

Flower art in a necklace

model wearing chunky metal flower chain necklace
Have you ever day dreamed of standing in the middle of a flower field?
Those fields always looks so dreamy and perfect. But of course
they wilt at some point until the next season. Flowers make me feel
carefree, almost happy-go-lucky.
I am a nature loving chick. So I carved my own detailed flower design
to make this necklace. My Queen of the Garden necklace
is like a garland of flowers and chain around your neck. 
When you close your eyes assume your new tile "Queen of the Garden".
Imagine a flower field. Feel a carefree joy wash over you. Head out the door
and rule the day!

For more details browse my Flower Queen statement necklace here

Browse my Flower Queen bracelet here

Or my simple Wildflower necklace here

Browse my Wildflower bracelet here

Feminine style jewelry for Spring and Summer

collection of feminine jewelry on pink scarf

                        Wearing feminine jewelry and clothes makes ya feel pretty!
                        You deserve to feel good, feel pretty and feel feminine 
                        if you want to. Its not a private club. All of my newest pieces
                        are here to give you that boost. I've got delicate leaf earrings,
                        bar necklaces with sparkle, the cutest little heart necklace,
                        And a You are Loved bracelet. Any one of those pieces can
                        bring on that loveliness so that you can feel like the prettiest 
                        one in the room!


                         Browse my Heart necklace here

                         Browse my Bar necklaces here

                         Browse my You are Loved bracelet here

                         Browse my Large Leaf earrings here

                         Browse my Small leaf earrings here

Happiness overload with a cute lil heart necklace


wearing & touching heart necklace

Yessirree wearing my I Heart You necklace will give that you
that feeling of happiness overload. Although can you really be overloaded
with too much happiness? I think NOT.
Without beating around the bush this cutie pie
necklace is for saying I LOVE YOU!! 
Who would you send this too? Don't exclude yourself:)

Browse my I Heart You necklace here

The color of sunshine in a necklace

yellow crystal memorial necklace with card

Her favorite color - the color of sunshine. That might just be my new 
favorite color too. Sunshine brings a vibrant warmth.
This is happy version of a memorial necklace for
someone who lost her very dear sister. She wanted to remember her
sister with joy,hope and of course her sister most favorite color. 

I love creating custom pieces for your happiness and well being.
Send me an email and lets get started!

Click here for more details about this necklace


Light and easy jewelry that you can live in

handcrafted bracelet & leaf earrings on white table

Light and easy are exactly how my Loose Leaf earrings feel
hanging from your cute little earlobes - both the smaller leaf earrings
and the the larger leaf earrings. Until the breeze has them dancing
around your neck you almost forget that you even have earrings on! 
If you are like me then that it's a really big deal to have light weight 
earrings instead of heavy ones that feel like your ear piercing
can't take much more! Especially as we age.

My You are Loved bracelet is like a cuff but has a chunky clasp in back 
so that it will always stay put. This piece is so simple and pretty which
means it would easily blend in with your current bracelet stack. Don't wear a
bracelet stack? Thats ok. She is a stand alone piece that is light and easy!

Browse my Small Loose Leaf earrings here

Browse my Large Loose Leaf earrings here

Browse my You are Loved bracelet here

Simple stylish artisan jewelry


model wearing wire leaf earrings bar necklace

Keeping it simple makes life easier. Being stylish feels current and confident.
Artsian anything is caring more about handmade than manufactured. Artisan
products and jewerly are about - quality. Making and designing jewelry is my thing!

Each piece, including the Leaf earrings and Bar None necklace shown here
are carefully inspected, filed, polished and lovingly wrapped for your 
enjoyment. Why? Because I care and YOU matter. YOU deserve good
things and I am happy to offer them!

Browse my Large leaf earrings herebronze bar

Browse my Small Leaf earrings here

Browse my Bar None necklace here

In the garden with leaves and earrings

wire leaf earrings on green leaves
Being in the garden offers all kinds of inspiration. Boldly Intense
color combinations. Whimsical form and shape. And detail galore. While
using leaves for jewelry for jewelry photo's...I got inspired
to makes leaf earrings! Large earrings and small earrings - just
like the leaves are in so many sizes and shapes.

The center curved wire hanging inside the leaf moves freely. Adding
a more fluid movement to these freestyle earrings. Natural, feminie
with a whisper of Mother earth!

Browse my large Loose Leaf earring here

Browse my medium Loose Leaf earrings here

Cozy sweater with a statement necklace

female wearing chunky metal statement necklace at restaaurant
Big sweaters are so cozy.  Alice added my big chunky ORing necklace
to her sweater for a lunch date on the pier. Staying cozy and going out can be
as easy as applying some lipstick, pop on my necklace with your favotite 
sweater. Details make all the difference. Imagine a house with
no picures hanging on any wall? Those details baby!

Browse my Big ORing necklace here






You'll never forget with a personalized ID bracelet

mixed metal ID bracelet on wood
Do you have a special person, place or thing in your life that you never ever
want to forget? That trip with girlfriends filled with inside jokes? 
Or someone who significanlty has been a big part of your life? An ID
bracelet that can be personalized is a easy way to keep that person,
place or thing close to your heart. And that would be wrapped around
your wrist where you will see every single time you wear!! The options are endless.

What would YOU want on your own ID braclet?!

Browse my Personalize It Collection to see the items
that you can customize.