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An irresistibly cute artisan heart necklace



bronze heart necklace hanging from plants

An artsian heart necklace is a lot different than a manufactured one.
Handmade jewelry has the essence of the artist style. A machine made
piece of jewelry has no essence from the artist
or feeling of love with each hammer strike or stone placement. No
piece are ever truly identical. Each piece will be unique.

if you are crazy for hearts in all kinds of decorative art forms then you'll
really like this sweet heart necklace. Hammered by hand and cute as a
button for ALL ages!!

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Happiness overload with a cute lil heart necklace


wearing & touching heart necklace

Yessirree wearing my I Heart You necklace will give that you
that feeling of happiness overload. Although can you really be overloaded
with too much happiness? I think NOT.
Without beating around the bush this cutie pie
necklace is for saying I LOVE YOU!! 
Who would you send this too? Don't exclude yourself:)

Browse my I Heart You necklace here