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When you can't decide on a necklace wear them ALL!!



wearing many layers of mixed metal jewelry

          My sister Anne is wearing all the necklaces here! She knows how to
          style it up. Doesn't matter if she running to the grocery store,
          a meeting or visting a friend - she is like walking art! I love her style
          and of course seeing her dripping in my jewelry makes my tail wag.

          Here she is layered in my Flower Queen necklace, Strong Love necklace,
          Feel the Love necklace and a pair of custom earrings.

          Feel free to browse my Necklace Collection here


An irresistibly cute artisan heart necklace



bronze heart necklace hanging from plants

An artsian heart necklace is a lot different than a manufactured one.
Handmade jewelry has the essence of the artist style. A machine made
piece of jewelry has no essence from the artist
or feeling of love with each hammer strike or stone placement. No
piece are ever truly identical. Each piece will be unique.

if you are crazy for hearts in all kinds of decorative art forms then you'll
really like this sweet heart necklace. Hammered by hand and cute as a
button for ALL ages!!

Browse my I Heart You necklace here for more details.

Remembering Summer with a big heart necklace

wearing shorts and a big copper heart necklace

 During the Winter months its fun to think back to those sunny days of warm weather, comfy shorts
and sitting outside with the birds and the bees. Simple white Summer tee shirts are great back drops
for jewelry and especially this big heart necklace. (Although it wouold probably show up quite
well in any season!)

This particular necklace was part of 3 big custom copper heart necklaces

But if you like big hearts I have more to browse below

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Queen of Hearts Necklace

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Fierce Love Necklace


Black Summer top that shows off a heart necklace

black strap top with gold heart necklace

Summer tops are great for showing off jewelry. Especially a black strappy top.
This artisan heart necklace isn't covered up by anything. It takes center stage for the whole world to see!

Do you need a heart necklace for your Summer tops?!

Shop my Big Little Heart necklace to get one


Heart art with a glass ornament and a necklace

heart necklace and heart ornament

For the love of hearts! Collecting hearts of all kinds is not uncommon. Hearts represent love.
And I think we are seeking more love in our lives and in the world. Wearing and exhibiting hearts
is just another way of spreading and celebrating the joy of love!

My Big Little Heart necklace is the cutest little thing to wear and share.
And how bout that teal handblown glass heart ornament? Cute as can be!  It's ready
for hanging or could also be strung with multiple hearts as a garland.