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Remembering Summer with a big heart necklace

wearing shorts and a big copper heart necklace

 During the Winter months its fun to think back to those sunny days of warm weather, comfy shorts
and sitting outside with the birds and the bees. Simple white Summer tee shirts are great back drops
for jewelry and especially this big heart necklace. (Although it wouold probably show up quite
well in any season!)

This particular necklace was part of 3 big custom copper heart necklaces

But if you like big hearts I have more to browse below

Stong Love Necklace

Queen of Hearts Necklace

Wild Love Necklace

Fierce Love Necklace


Riveted mixed metal Heart necklaces for your denim lifestyle

an assortment of riveted metal heart necklaces

Perfectly imperfect handcrafted unique heart necklaces that are screaming to be worn
with all your denim clothing. This variety of hearts are ruggedly casual and cool.
For expressing your creative aesthetic and love of standing our instead of blending in!

To learn more details about each of these

Click here for the top Strong Love Necklace

Click here for the Fierce Love Necklace

Click here for the bottom Wild Love Necklace


Leather & pearls for BIG heart necklaces

pearl leather heart necklace on wood

Are you a fan of hearts and rustic style? If so, then here is a necklace that you might
appreciate.  It is an original and custom made for a lover of hearts. Made
with leather, pearls and a big round facted agate stone.
(that's beautiful shade of turquoise)

This necklace is extra sweet because the length is adjustable. All that chain
in back lets you wear on the short side. Or hang longer when layering.



long leather pearl crystal copper heart necklace

This is the longer one that is also made with leather and pearls. This necklace 
include a BIG beautiful shiny Swarovski crystal drop that adds sparkle to this BIG copper

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