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Finding peace & love in the garden with a heart necklace

riveted copper heart necklace in the garden

Gardens are peaceful and hearts are for love. So being in this plant filled space with a heart necklace
should bring lots of peace and love. When life gets crazy and you need to taking a moment go outside.
If you can surround yourself with living plants, trees or flowers do it. Breathe it in. Calm down that
nervous system and make room for some love. My strong love necklace is bold and won't let you forget!


Riveted mixed metal Heart necklaces for your denim lifestyle

an assortment of riveted metal heart necklaces

Perfectly imperfect handcrafted unique heart necklaces that are screaming to be worn
with all your denim clothing. This variety of hearts are ruggedly casual and cool.
For expressing your creative aesthetic and love of standing our instead of blending in!

To learn more details about each of these

Click here for the top Strong Love Necklace

Click here for the Fierce Love Necklace

Click here for the bottom Wild Love Necklace