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My favorite Mexican falsa blanket and heart necklace

mexican blanket and riveted metal heart necklace

When I moved to California back in the 80's I noticed that everyone seemed to have one of these 
Mexican falsa blankets. Not long after I drove down to Mexico and bought two my own. I love these soft
durable, colorful blankets. They can be used for so many things. I still have and use mine!

This blanket is many shades of teal with black. My copper heart necklace looks so pretty against
those strong colors. They both share vibrant expression and celebrate an artisan culture.

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Riveted mixed metal Heart necklaces for your denim lifestyle

an assortment of riveted metal heart necklaces

Perfectly imperfect handcrafted unique heart necklaces that are screaming to be worn
with all your denim clothing. This variety of hearts are ruggedly casual and cool.
For expressing your creative aesthetic and love of standing our instead of blending in!

To learn more details about each of these

Click here for the top Strong Love Necklace

Click here for the Fierce Love Necklace

Click here for the bottom Wild Love Necklace