Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

Fierce love heart necklace with an edge

copper heart necklace on a rock

When you aren't afraid to express yourself & show your powerful love -
you'll feel more than comfortable wearing my edgy riveted copper heart necklace.
It speaks volumes!

Plus this necklace can be personalized. Have those names and/or things that you love
stamped along the outer edges of this heart. It will be uniquely yours.

For more details about this necklace click here

Express yourself with chunky chain artisan jewelry

mixed metal chunky artisan jewelry

When your style or outfit calls for a pop of unique slip on some artisan jewelry.
You'll be expressing originality, confidence and an appreciation of the arts. Just my kind of people!

My amore heart bracelet is timeless piece for your blue jeans and more. My Chain Reaction necklace
 is a long fun whimisical piece. It can be worn two ways! Both of these pieces play
quite well together!

Sterling silver ear threads hanging with purple bougainvillea

purple flowers with silver ear threads

Bougainvillea plants seem to love and thrive in our California weather.  I'm a sucker for these vines
that offer an array of colorful flowers. This purple one stopped me in my tracks! Read more about
bougainvillea here to see if they will grow in your region.

The flowers were hanging so gracefully that I decided my silver ear threads needed to hang
right alongside! They compliment each other in their their femine glory. Plus flowering vines are
just to pretty not to photograph.

For more details shop my Sterling Silver Double Drop Ear Threads here.

Long Strong Over-sized Cross necklaces for everyday

a row of cool cross necklaces on wood 

Every day, casual cool, artisan cross necklaces to get you through the day. These are fun
to wear with tee shirts and shorts, all black, jeans and boots, long flowy skirts or Summer
dresses! Now thats some kind of versatile:)

I handcut and stamp each cross. So yours will always be unique. You get to choose from silver,
brass or bronze. 

For more detailed information shop necklaces here

Orange scarves with purple jewelry for fun color

purple gemstone jewelry with orange scarf

This bold color combination of purple gemstones and deep orange printed scarf make a
bold statement. They are considered modern-chic when worn together. Color blocking is
when we combine two or three vivid complimentary colors - like these!

Orange and purple add a richness to life. They are smashing together.
This necklace is a custom blend of pearls. amethyst, ametrine and black spinel.
If you want a custom bold color necklace send me an email and we'll get started!

Contact me at


Warm red & orange jewelry that looks cool

orange & red jewelry on denim fabric

Red and orange colors are warm, bright and exciting. Pair these colors with anything denim
and it adds a colorful pop of fun. You'll be standing out instead of blending in!

These are custom pieces made for my client. I'm happy to make a custom jewelry that speaks to you.

Shoot me an email at and we'll get started

Old world charm with a French coin necklace

French coin necklace on distressed wood
Old world charm describes places and things that are or seem to be from an earlier period of history.
In particular things that look interesting or attractive. Old coins certainly fall in that category.

How cool is this 50 franc French coin with the traditional rooster? This coin has so much beautiful
detail on both sides.  Hanging on a gold chain with a white freshwater pearl this necklace will 
keep you connected to culture, art and history.

If you want a french coin necklace I can make more! Shop this necklace here and request
a french coin at checkout.

A charm necklace for Mom that kids like too!

child touching moms heart necklace

No worries about this necklace being to fragile for busy little hands. This heart charm necklace
 hangs from long sturdy stainless steel chain and is meant for touching. This piece is meant 
for everyday casual style.


heart charm necklace on succulent plant

Charms can be added be added to the heart for each childs initial. Charms are crafted
in sterling silver and hang from bottom of heart.This mom had four charms that represent her
four babes. 

Shop this necklace here

A simple silver necklace compliments a busy patterned top

silver circle necklace on flower print johnny was top

When you have a super cool Johnny Was printed top what jewelry looks best? Something simple
of course! Geometric shapes like my big sterling circle necklace is the answer. They balance each other.

Busy and simple. Not to busy. Not to simple!

For more info about my circle necklace shop here.

Golden hammered hoops looking pretty in the garden

flowers and gold hoop earrings

Everything looks prettier in the garden! Hanging lights, rustic benches and even gold hoop earrings!
Something about the light and colors just make everyhting come to life.

And if you aren't hanging out in gardens, no worries. These pretty hoops always
catch the light. That hammer texture finish adds to the shine. 

So if you need a little boost of pretty and rays of light these might just be for you!

These earrings come in 3 sizes. Click here for more details.