Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

Heart art with a glass ornament and a necklace

heart necklace and heart ornament

For the love of hearts! Collecting hearts of all kinds is not uncommon. Hearts represent love.
And I think we are seeking more love in our lives and in the world. Wearing and exhibiting hearts
is just another way of spreading and celebrating the joy of love!

My Big Little Heart necklace is the cutest little thing to wear and share.
And how bout that teal handblown glass heart ornament? Cute as can be!  It's ready
for hanging or could also be strung with multiple hearts as a garland.

Tiptoeing through the garden with anklets

barefoot in flowers with anklets

Spring is the best time for running barefoot in the grass and seeing all the flowers in bloom. 
I love running around barefoot at home and out in the yard. It just feels good. So slipping on
an anklet or two bring a little style and sparkle to an otherwise nakes foot! 

The bottom anklet (called Mellow Yellow) includes a big Swarovski crystal for a peep of soft color.
The top anklet is coming soon!!

If you want to know when that anklet is available be sure to join my list and you will be the first 
to know. Just click on the - Lets Stay in Touch link at top of this page.

Or browse all of my anklet styles here!

Pretty in pink fashion & jewelry

pink Sundance top and pink necklace

Oh that pretty pink is so happy and cheerful. It feels like love! When you need a mood booster,
wear pink. How bout those beaded flowers stitched on this airy Sundance dress?!

Top it off with my Pinkberry necklace and you've got yourself a super fun look. You'll 
be swirling in all that pink love. Give it at try!

Ripped jeans get dressed up with crystal hoop earrings

wearing blue jeans with upscale hoop earrings

Yes you can dress up your ripped but soft blue jeans. A simple pair of elegant sterling &
crystal earrings says - I am not sloppy, I have style. Afterall, opposites do attract!

Browse my Crystal Lake earrings here

At the beach with sandy toes and sparkly ankle bracelets

bare feet in the sand with anklets

After a long while of beach closures here in Southern California due to the pandemic, I was thrilled when
they re-opened! Of course restrictions are in place and I'm very happy glad for that too. But today
I got to walk the shore for some refreshing excercise. Feeling the warm soft sand on my feet while
the waves were crashing was a slice of heaven.

Naturally my ankles deserved to celebrate feeling the water and sand so I dressed them up with 
several anklets because why not?! The best part about these anklets is that the water DOES NOT
hurt them! Yes you heard that right. These anklets feature made in-the-USA stainles steel
chain. Meaning they won't rust or tarnish and are hypoallergenic. 

And you also get a little sneak peek of a new anklet design that hasn't yet been released!

If you want to see these anklets and all of my other designs shop here!

Celebrate Summer with a unique flower necklace

mixed metal flower necklace with denim

If you can't get to the flowers bring them to you! And the beauty of my Wildflower necklace
is that it won't wilt - ever. This cool mixed metal necklace is perfect for those nature loving
gals and gardners who like unique artisan pieces. Flowers offer whimsical joy. So spread some joy
around your neck or someone else's!

For more details shop my necklace here

Remembering France and Italy with a coin necklace

european coin necklace on black top

This necklace features an Italian and French coin plus a white freshwater pearl for good measure.

Custom made for my client who traveled with a friend to these places. She wanted a keepsake gift 
that represented their special memories and adventures together. What a fun gift to receive.

I am happy to make a coin jewelry for your travel memories or dreams!

You can see my current line of coin jewelry here


Ankle bracelet season is here!

2 anklets on foot with long dress

Warmer weather brings shorts, dresses and sandals ...or bare feet like me!

Don't let your ankles feel naked out there. Show them off with something pretty.
Slip on an ankle bracelet. Or two for that matter! Both of these anklets are 
easily adjustable clasping any part of the cahin that feels like the right fit
for you.

Shop my Have a Heart anklet here

or shop my entire Anklet collection

Casual cool heart charm necklace for everyday style

mixed metal heart necklace on palm frawn

All charm necklaces should be casual enough for everyday. You want to enjoy those meaningful charms
running your errands, on a coffee date or at work. This one is especially cute with boots and jeans.

This long mixed metal piece is easy to wear by just slipping over your head! can also 
purchase it with out charms. Just a big wild beautiful heart!

For more details shop my Wild Love necklace

How to layer statement necklaces

layered necklaces with denim outfit

Usually we think of a statement necklace being worn alone, afterall it is meant to
make a statement! Or you comonly see delicate necklaces being layered. But Im here to tell you
and show you that it can be done!

It just a matter of proportion and balance. If all three necklaces were the exact same length
things would get very busy around the neck. Each piece would be competing to be seen.
Just by varying the lengths each one can be appreciated instead. It's really that simple!

If you want to learn more about the necklaces here you can shop them below.

Fierce Love Necklace

Open Heart Necklace

Riveted Heart necklace