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Tiptoeing around with an anklet stack


anklets on foot with white jeans

Tiptoeing around barefoot is extra quiet and sneaky! Jingly anklets 
could give you away - but these anklets won't. Even though 
they have charms they lay quietly around yor ankle parts
and stay low key!! The multi heart anklet is pretty and playful.
The tag along anklet is more simple in style and makes for
a great pairing when worn with another anklet. They sure
do dress up a foot and make life lots more fun! 

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Two stepping with anklets

anklets on both feet with sandals
When you can't decide on a multi heart anklet, a yellow crystal
anklet and a aqua crystal anklet - yo wear them all! Summertime 
let a feet and ankles come out to play. Whether its in the
grass or two stepping around town! My tanless ankles also feel
a little prettier being surrounded my anklets. I invite you to
dress up yours and let the two stepping begin!

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Feels like Summer with green grass and a silver anklet

wearing silver heart anklet and leather sandals

Summer feels include all kinds of things for me. Painted toenails
in fun colors (ok looks like my toes already need a touch up!).
The smell of fresh cut grass. Of course capri pants because they
nicely show off your ankles and my heart ankle bracelet. I love
wearing that jewelry that you get to see and enjoy yourself.
Every time you sit down or cross your legs you'll see that
sweet little anklet gracefully hanging. 

And a little something extra about this anklet is that you can
get it wet in the swimming pool, ocean, lake, hot tub and it won't
rust or turn an odd color. Why? because they are made with jewelry
grade stainless steel. You just can't beat that! And I have several designs 
to choose from if hearts arent your thing.

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Ankle bracelet season is here!

2 anklets on foot with long dress

Warmer weather brings shorts, dresses and sandals ...or bare feet like me!

Don't let your ankles feel naked out there. Show them off with something pretty.
Slip on an ankle bracelet. Or two for that matter! Both of these anklets are 
easily adjustable clasping any part of the cahin that feels like the right fit
for you.

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Cooling off in the ocean while showing off a heart ankle bracelet

anklet on foot in ocean water

Dripping wet in cool ocean water feels so refreshing. It brings your body to life instantly!

Being able to enjoy that feeling while wearing a strand of hearts dancing around your ankles is....
the cutest, sweetest way to wear jewelry at the beach and in the water.

The charming anklet was created with stainless steel, made in-the-USA chain and findings.
This hearty chain is hypoallergenic, rust proof and tarnish proof. She is built to last.

For more details shop my Have a Heart anklet here