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Tag along anklets go where you go

silver anklet stack on foot
Bare feet or sandled feet like a little decoration too! My Tag
Along anklets easy to wear, all silver and go with everything.
And sometimes two is better than one. So here you have two 
identical anklets for a casul cool style. Plus, these anklets are not
afraid of the water! You can swim, sauna or hot tub it wearing
these. Made with stainless steal they are hardy as well as being
tarnish and rust free. Whats not to love?!

Browse the Tag Along anklet here

Tiptoeing around with an anklet stack


anklets on foot with white jeans

Tiptoeing around barefoot is extra quiet and sneaky! Jingly anklets 
could give you away - but these anklets won't. Even though 
they have charms they lay quietly around yor ankle parts
and stay low key!! The multi heart anklet is pretty and playful.
The tag along anklet is more simple in style and makes for
a great pairing when worn with another anklet. They sure
do dress up a foot and make life lots more fun! 

Browse my Have a Heart anklet here

Browse my Tag Along anklet here

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Decorate your feet with Summer ankle bracelets

wearing anklets & sandals in the grass

Pretty up those bare legs with anklets! I usually forget im wearing one. Whether you opt for sparkle
or chain anklets they all add a lot of personality to your shorts, dresses, skirts and swimsuits.
Everytime you look down you get to enjoy seeing your decorated foot (or feet!)

For more details click on my Silver Chain Tag anklet or my Aqua Crystal Chain anklet

At the beach with sandy toes and sparkly anklets

anklets on bare feet at the beach

Did you know that sand has healing properties? It's true. Sand is a natural exfoliant
After a day at the beach and rinsing off your sandy feet you'll find that your soles are usually a lot softer.

 It is important to exfoliate your body because you are simultaneously stripping away dead skin cells,
thereby making your skin soft to the touch, and also allowing your pores to breathe better. While the sand
can cake your feet at times you can still sparkle through with shiny ankle bracelets.

My anklets are can all be worn in the ocean, lake, river, hot tub or swimming pool. How you ask?
They are all made with a very hearty stainless steel chain that holds up. NO tarnishing with these and 
they are also hypoallergenic!

To see the anklets shown here click on
Tag Along Chain anklet 


Mellow Yellow Anklet

Bare legs call for an anklet stack

crossed legs in grass with anklets

When its Summer and your legs are exposed and feeling naked - dress them in an anklet or two!
Why should our wrists, neck and fingers have all the fun?

The anklets shown here are also OK to swim in. Yes, you heard that right! Crafted in stainless steel
and glass crystals they are water ready. That means the hot tub, lake, ocean or swimming pool.

Shown here is my Blue Crystal Anklet and Tag Along Anklet  

Find an anklet that speaks to you:)