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At the beach with sandy toes and sparkly anklets

anklets on bare feet at the beach

Did you know that sand has healing properties? It's true. Sand is a natural exfoliant
After a day at the beach and rinsing off your sandy feet you'll find that your soles are usually a lot softer.

 It is important to exfoliate your body because you are simultaneously stripping away dead skin cells,
thereby making your skin soft to the touch, and also allowing your pores to breathe better. While the sand
can cake your feet at times you can still sparkle through with shiny ankle bracelets.

My anklets are can all be worn in the ocean, lake, river, hot tub or swimming pool. How you ask?
They are all made with a very hearty stainless steel chain that holds up. NO tarnishing with these and 
they are also hypoallergenic!

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Mellow Yellow Anklet

Add some pretty to your ankles with chain & crystal anklets

chain & crystal anklet assortment

Your feet deserve jewelry too. You can drape those bare ankles with a simple chain.
Maybe your prefer sparkle? I have both. It's even more fun to layer those anklets and create your
own ankle stack!

Anklets here are all made with durable jewelry grade stainless steel chain. This metal is wonderful
and water friendly. It won't tarnish or rust and is hypoallergenic.

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