Blog posts of '2022' 'July'

A cool bracelet stack for all your black & white outfits

silver bracelet stack on arm 

In keeping with a black and white theme this silver bracelet stack 
includes a spash of black making it - just right! While it looks
like a pile of bracelets it's really just two bracelets. The Joan bracelet
has 6 rows of smooth beadball chain. But riding shot gun,
is the Ella bracelet. She has a big black gemstone that pulls it
all together. Black and silver -almost- feel like black and white 
when it comes to jewelry. 
If you have a dressy or casual black and white outfit,
this bracelet stack is happy to go either way!

Browse the Joan Bracelet here

Browse the Ella Bracelet here

A trinity of silver necklaces for this guy

man wearing three silver necklaces
My friend Matt oozes style and personality. He always has and
I do believe always will! Matt had been wearing his beloved two
necklaces but had been wanting to add a third one to create a
trinity. Matt said he was taken with the silver all chain, toggle
clasp necklace. Nice and clean. Its called the Maya necklace.
Matt has been a regualr swimmer all of his life. Because this 
necklace is made in stainless steel he can safely swim in a pool,
the ocean, a jacuzzi and its OK! It won't tarnish or turn any
wierd colors. Perfect for an active water lover!

Browse the Maya neckklace here for more details

Jewelry that puts you in the mood to party

Multi color pom-pom necklace & earrings on wood

You know that feeling when you've been invited to a special party or get together
and you just can't quite get in the mood? You might be feeling
too tired to muster up the energy for conersation and dancing.
I've got the perfect jewelry to change change that!

Its along the lines of that saying - fake it till ya make it. 
It wild how that works. Imagine slipping on this multi color, felted wool 
pom-pom necklace over your head. Color earrings bobbing around.
A splash of lipstick. A spritz of perfum and I have a feeling you
might end up being the last person to leave! 

This was custom made but Im looking forward to making more.
Shoot me an email if you want one. 

Browse the Pom-Pom Party jewelry here for more details

A necklace for lovers of hearts and artisan style

silver artisan asymmetrical heart necklace

Maryann is a heart fanatic and has a huge appreciation for
anything made by hand. This heart necklace was designed upon her
request. She buys and gives hearts to everyone.
And I couldnt be happier to have the opportunity to create
a custom piece. That allows me to design freely and give you
exactly what you want. 
Artisan jewelry means a few things generally. Artisan jewlery is not
machine made. Anything made by hand has so much soul
and attention to detail. Each soldered piece of metal,
hand formed bars, carefully chosen
birthstones, and asymmetrical design in this necklace
makes it unique and oh so special. 

Browse this necklace here for more details.

Barefoot in the grass with a silver anklet stack

barefoot with 2 silver charm anklets

Growing up in Indiana I spent ALL summer long being
barefoot. I just didn't have any pretty anklets draped around my feet.
Of course being barefoot came with a few unexpected bee stings.
That first run down our gravel driveway on tender feet
was a big ouch - at first anyway. 

I love that barefoot feeling of freedom. Feeling it all.
So paint those toe nails and grab my multi heart anklet
and layer it with my Tag Along anklet and get yourself out there.
Anklets add some fun detail to your Summer dresses, shorts, skirts
swimsuits and your FEET! they deserve jewelry too.

Browse all my anklets here

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Spread some love with a shiny gold heart necklace

wearing pink and a gold heart necklace
Spreading love, laughter and goodness is what its all about. My 
Big Little Heart necklace in gold shines and shines and shines.
Nobody will be left out of this love fest when this heart is
around your neck. It shines so bright that it lights the path
ahead of you! I just came from Trader Joes and got compliments
right and left. I forgot I had it on so that made it extra special.
Kind of like unexpectedly making people smile:) 
Are you ready to spread some love?! 

Browse the Big Little Heart necklace in gold

Browse the Big Little Heart necklace in silver


Learn how this gemstone bracelet that brings bliss to your day.

gemstone essential oil bracelet on rck

The Bliss bracelet is most certainly not JUST about being pretty!
It is loaded with meaningful, healing energy stones with room 
for some drops of essential oil. Image that! This custom
bracelet was made for someone who has been struggling 
with feelings of anxiety and depression. I know all about
those difficult feelings. I began researching the stones that 
looked and felt the most like my client. Because there are
multiple stones that can be used for emotions.
After a lot of research I was excited to use the blue-teal 
agate, rose quartz, yellow citrine and lavendar amethyst.
the white beads are made from wood. Wood beads are 
fantastic for adding drops of your favorite soothing, calming
essential oils. 

Browse the Bliss bracelet here.

(While this was a custom piece, I'm happy to make another for you!)

Long hip cool cross necklace

long silver cross necklace on wood

The Livin' on a Prayer necklace is an all around fun cool
piece of jewlery. Long, hip and attention getting with blue jeans,
or worn with anything black. But don't stop there because
whatever feels cool to you will be just right. Maybe for you
thats a long hot pink dress. Or flowy top with leggings. 
Basically whatever floats your boat. You are you and you are coolio.
This necklace has the option a turquoise dangle bead.
You get to choose that option!

Browse the Livin' on a Prayer necklace here

Wear this cute necklace with your yellow & black outfits

wearing yellow black and a necklace
All shades of yellow worn with black are fabulous in my book.
Think bumble bee's. Haha but then again, YES!
The Ella necklace (shown here) compliments this pairing so well.
A mustard yellow sweater with a black and white modern print dress.
required a simple but complimentary necklace. And the Ella
necklace is just right. Its a simple necklace but lets you know - its there! 
The Ella necklace is a little bit modern, a little bit sleek and 
a little bit of cool. 

Browse The Ella Necklace here for more details

A black and silver y necklace that is cute, cool, smart and sexy!

model wearing black gemstone silver chain Y necklace

This black and silver necklace can work fr all kinds of looks,
styles and ocassions. Wear it with a black top and denim jacket and
it looks kinda cool, right?! Or how cute would it be with an all
black and white patterened top or outfit? I think very. Just seeing
designs in black and silver anything is a smart looking combination.
And lets not forget about a sexy style! Being that the Ella necklace is 
a Y design, it dangles and points down to your cleavage. Sexy indeed.

Browse the Ella Necklace here for more details