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Jewelry that puts you in the mood to party

Multi color pom-pom necklace & earrings on wood

You know that feeling when you've been invited to a special party or get together
and you just can't quite get in the mood? You might be feeling
too tired to muster up the energy for conersation and dancing.
I've got the perfect jewelry to change change that!

Its along the lines of that saying - fake it till ya make it. 
It wild how that works. Imagine slipping on this multi color, felted wool 
pom-pom necklace over your head. Color earrings bobbing around.
A splash of lipstick. A spritz of perfum and I have a feeling you
might end up being the last person to leave! 

This was custom made but Im looking forward to making more.
Shoot me an email if you want one. 

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