Blog posts of '2022' 'March'

Perfect earrings for a patterned Johnny Was top

wearing Johnny Was and gold leaf earrings

I adore Johnny Was clothing with its fun, busy whimsical
patterns and colorful embroidery. Because its busy jewelry
like my earrings really need to compliment rather than add 
more business. My Loose Leaf earrings are add to the 
whole look without stealing the show! You can even skip
a necklace if your earrings can bring it. And these do!!
If you like Johnny Was or similiar style then are a perfect

Browse my loose Leaf earrings here for more details

Modern style white pearl earrings

gold stick white pearl earrings on female profile

When you want to feel elegant but modern I've got your
new favorite pair of white pearl earrings. These big round
pearls hang from bars of gold. With just the right amount of swing
they are a mix of playful, classic and modern style. Peals have 
always been saved for special ocassions. I say everyday of life is a 
special ocassion. Wear the lipstick, enjoy the luxury of pearls even
if your just running errands.

Browse my White Pearl Gold stick earrings here

The benefit of adjustable slide cord necklaces


short 7 long adjustable necklaces with jean jacket

Once you own a slide cord necklace its hard not having all of 
your necklaces be on a slide cord! You can see for yourself
with my Silver Chain Cluster necklace. The top photo
shows necklaces at a longer length. This works great when
wearing a scarf because it still shows up! 
 The slide cord (leather in this case) has a bead that slides
up and down the cord. If you want to wear shorter (like bottom
photo) you slide that bead straight up - as short as you want.
To wear longer - just slide the bead down as far as you want to go.

Other benefits include no clasp to deal with. This piece can go right 
over your head. Easy peasy.

I offer this necklace is all silver or mixed metal. The choice belongs to you!

For more details
Browse my Silver Chain Cluster necklace


Browse my Mixed Metal Chain Cluster necklace


Pretty jewelry to wear when you are a wedding guest

white pearl gold bracelet & earrings
Weddings are special occasions to celebrate and dressing up is fun.
When in doubt classic pearls are always a good choice. My White Pearl 
gold stick earrings have a modern contemporary feel. Pop on my
very pretty white pearl bracelet and you'll be looking chic. You don't
always need a necklace. Yes you heard that right! A pretty neckline
might be all you need. Letting your earrings and bracelet compliment
a simple, but classy style to honor the wedding couple
and special ocassion.

Browse my White Pearl Gold Stick earrings here

Browse my White Pearl Floating bracelet here

Casual jewelry with a flair for style

violet gemstone layered necklace & gold arc earrings
Casual style jewelry and clothing doesn't have to be
boring. Casual means not dressy or fancy. But you can still
wear a great necklace in a caasual way. This cutis is so versatile. 
picture it with jeans and a tee -shirt or a little black dress. From
coffee to cocktails just like my gold arc earrings. They are casual
but also striking. Simple but eye catching. Causal is comfortable
but dont forget about some pretty jewelry!

Browse my Out of the Blue necklace here

Browse my Gold Arc earrings here

When you love swirly earrings and heart necklaces

wearing gold swirl earrings & gold heart necklace

When you love swirly earrings and heart necklaces
absolutely you wear them. Swirls feel fun. Fun feels
good and makes ya smile. That kind of feeling is exactly
how my gold swirly earrings feel. They are like your
back up dancers. Suspended from your lobes
dancing around!

Hearts are always a good idea. Hearts are love.
love in every shape and form. A cute artsy heart necklace
and some big fun swirly earrings have you ready for feeling
great. Handmade love and swirls of fun can't be beat. 
I'm always down for that.

Browse my Heart Art necklace here for more details

Browse my Gold Vortex earrings here for more details

Browse my Silver Vortex earrings here for more details

Minimalist jewelry meets organic jewelry

silver & gold stick necklace & organic silver hoop earrings
Minimalist jewelry can be worn by people who have a super
simple and clean style. My Silver & Gold Stick necklace with it's
clean lines fits in that category. Organic shapes in jewelry means that
the shapes are irregular and imperfect.  Curved, flowing and unpredictable
like my Live and Let Live earrings. Pairing these two style together works.
it keeps thig more interesting. The overall look will still feel minimalist 
but with a distinctive artissan flair!

Browse my Silver & Gold necklace here

Browse my Live and Let Live earrings here

Boots, jeans and layered necklaces

layered necklaces, boots & jeans
Are you a fan of boots, jeans and colorful layered necklaces?
My Turquoise Mountain necklace is a gorgeous slab. My 
It's All Good necklace is a fun boots of color and adds artsy appeal.

I actually have these exact Frye boots. And Ive had them for years and 
years. They only get softer and better with age. (I am NOT an affiliate!)
And then there are Levi Jeans. I got my very forst pair when I was
about 11. I wanted to be cool like my older sister. Oh my lanta but
those jeaans ere stiff as a board and took years of washing to soften
and fade! Luckily we have lots more choices now. 

I will always love the classic look of jeans, a white shirt
(blosue in this case) . Choose some artisan jewelry and
you'll be feeling Southwestern style walking out the door.


Browse my Turquoise Mountain necklace here for more details

Browse my It's All Good Necklace here for more details

Cute silver & turquoise earrings for a white tee shirt


turquoise silver hoop earrings on side view female

Wearing a white tee shirt with zero accessories is just, well,
its just BORING! This tee shirt without my earrings would
feel bland and styless. If you could only choose one piece of
jewelry I would always go for the earrings. They make a statement.
Like puntuation at the end of a sentence. And being closer to eye
level they are always seen. I feel nakes with out earrings.

My Turquoise Silver Hoop stck earrings offer artisan style to
up level your simple little tee shirts. 

Browse my earrings here for more details

Pearl earrings playing peek a boo in your hair


single white pearl earring hanging on ear with long hair
Round, white lustrous classic pearl earrings have been adored
for - ever!! Timless is what they are. Pearls come so many
kinds of designs. But something about these single white pearls.
They drop and dangle just under your ear lobes. Of course you'll see
them if your hair is short or worn up. But seeing these earrings 
playing peek a boo through pretty strands of hair is very sweet.

These pretty earrings would be a perfect jewelry gift to give!