The benefit of adjustable slide cord necklaces


short 7 long adjustable necklaces with jean jacket

Once you own a slide cord necklace its hard not having all of 
your necklaces be on a slide cord! You can see for yourself
with my Silver Chain Cluster necklace. The top photo
shows necklaces at a longer length. This works great when
wearing a scarf because it still shows up! 
 The slide cord (leather in this case) has a bead that slides
up and down the cord. If you want to wear shorter (like bottom
photo) you slide that bead straight up - as short as you want.
To wear longer - just slide the bead down as far as you want to go.

Other benefits include no clasp to deal with. This piece can go right 
over your head. Easy peasy.

I offer this necklace is all silver or mixed metal. The choice belongs to you!

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