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Pearls for June

white pearl jewelry with colorful scarf
Pearls for June is about celebrating the June borns with the 
pretty pearl birthstones like this necklace and bracelet. But pearls in 
June also feel refreshing like Summer. they do come from the Sea after all.

This floating pearl bracelet with a Summer dress sounds just right.
Or my artsy asymmetrical pearl necklace with a filmy colorful scarf
is classy and chic. So if you are a June babe, lucky you! Not a June born,
pearls are for anybody and everybody. Jump in and adorn yourself with 
these iridescent pretties.

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Pretty jewelry to wear when you are a wedding guest

white pearl gold bracelet & earrings
Weddings are special occasions to celebrate and dressing up is fun.
When in doubt classic pearls are always a good choice. My White Pearl 
gold stick earrings have a modern contemporary feel. Pop on my
very pretty white pearl bracelet and you'll be looking chic. You don't
always need a necklace. Yes you heard that right! A pretty neckline
might be all you need. Letting your earrings and bracelet compliment
a simple, but classy style to honor the wedding couple
and special ocassion.

Browse my White Pearl Gold Stick earrings here

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Wear your Pearl jewelry with both denim or silk

pearl jewelry on denim and silk fabric

Beautiful lustrous pearls have been longtime classics. And in all their
finery we now wear our gorgeous pearl necklaces, bracelets
and earrings for casual cool style as well. Yes of course pearls are
still worn with silks, dressy outfits and formal ocassions. But our 
boots and jeans also love pearl jewelry. Making pearls contine
to be timeless and now very versatile.For more details on the
pearl jewelry shown here, click the links below.

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