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Loose Leaf earrings are for every season of the year

gold wire leaf earrings on red leaves
While many trees loose their leaves in the Fall my earrings
won't let you down. They are happy to hang loosely from 
your precious little lobes in every season! Handcrafted in bronze
wire they also go with all your seasonal outfit colors and styles.
Wear these earrings with a Summer dress, yes. Wear these earrings 
with a Fall sweater and scarf, yes. Wear these in Winter with a 
cozy turtleneck, yes. Wear these in Spring with a pastel outfit,
yes again!

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Perfect earrings for a patterned Johnny Was top

wearing Johnny Was and gold leaf earrings

I adore Johnny Was clothing with its fun, busy whimsical
patterns and colorful embroidery. Because its busy jewelry
like my earrings really need to compliment rather than add 
more business. My Loose Leaf earrings are add to the 
whole look without stealing the show! You can even skip
a necklace if your earrings can bring it. And these do!!
If you like Johnny Was or similiar style then are a perfect

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Artisan jewelry perfect for your favorite paisley bandana

bronze bar necklace earring assortment on blue bandana

Blue jeans, paisley bandana's and unique artsisan jewelry
for feeling like a blue jean baby Queen! Ive always been a
big fan of paislley, plaid and anything emroidered with denim.
Lately I wear my scarves as headbands with requires fun
showy earrings like my Large Leaf earrings. Airy and lightweight.

Svarves and jeans But wait theres more! I've got complimentary
necklaces to layer for this bandana outfit. The bottom artsy piece
is my Sundancer necklace that has a hefty Swarosvki crystal pendant.
The wired bar with offset crystal is my Bar None necklace. Worn together
they bring casual unique artsy style. Let your creative side out!

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