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Perfect earrings for a patterned Johnny Was top

wearing Johnny Was and gold leaf earrings

I adore Johnny Was clothing with its fun, busy whimsical
patterns and colorful embroidery. Because its busy jewelry
like my earrings really need to compliment rather than add 
more business. My Loose Leaf earrings are add to the 
whole look without stealing the show! You can even skip
a necklace if your earrings can bring it. And these do!!
If you like Johnny Was or similiar style then are a perfect

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Leaves in the park and leaf earrings for your ears

bronze leaf earrings with branch of leaves
Tiny leaves on the branch or wear your leaves with my earrings!
I picked up the green leaves while out on a local hike. They have a really good
scent when you rub some of them between your fingers. Which I did! 
They smelled like licorice so I brought with me. Unlike my earrings
these leaves instantly started shedding from its branch - everywhere!
My Loose Leaf earring may not be scented but I promise they will
never shed.

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Easy breezy earrings and a crossbody bag

blue crossbody bag & leaf earrings
Whatever we can simplify in life sure makes things run
smoother. Keeping it simple really helps. My Loose Leaf
earrings are simple and easy to slip in your lobes. You'll be
looking perfectly polished in a jiffy. I'm also a fan 
of those wallet on a string bags. Or also called
crossbody bags. I got this pretty blue one from
Target. I think its handy and practical. Keeping
it simple never disappoints. Ive been loosing my phone 
a lot less with this bag!

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Hanging out with green plants and bronze leaf earrings

bronze leaf earrings on plant

Plants in your home or in the garden just feel good. And all the lush greenery at
a big park feels good too. I uess thats why we all like to congregate
there instead of big empty parking lots!

I worked in a flower shop all through high school and learned about all
the plants too. My bedroom practically became a greenhouse! 
The design elements I see in all the plants and flowers offer SO much
goodness. The shapes, form and brilliant colors. I mean!! With 
inspiration from the garden I formed my large Loose Leaf earrings.
They are light and breezy - just like a dreamy afternoon out in nature!
You may be in the middle of a hectic day but when those loose leaves
start fluttering about uour neck you might get energized!

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Light and easy jewelry that you can live in

handcrafted bracelet & leaf earrings on white table

Light and easy are exactly how my Loose Leaf earrings feel
hanging from your cute little earlobes - both the smaller leaf earrings
and the the larger leaf earrings. Until the breeze has them dancing
around your neck you almost forget that you even have earrings on! 
If you are like me then that it's a really big deal to have light weight 
earrings instead of heavy ones that feel like your ear piercing
can't take much more! Especially as we age.

My You are Loved bracelet is like a cuff but has a chunky clasp in back 
so that it will always stay put. This piece is so simple and pretty which
means it would easily blend in with your current bracelet stack. Don't wear a
bracelet stack? Thats ok. She is a stand alone piece that is light and easy!

Browse my Small Loose Leaf earrings here

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In the garden with leaves and earrings

wire leaf earrings on green leaves
Being in the garden offers all kinds of inspiration. Boldly Intense
color combinations. Whimsical form and shape. And detail galore. While
using leaves for jewelry for jewelry photo's...I got inspired
to makes leaf earrings! Large earrings and small earrings - just
like the leaves are in so many sizes and shapes.

The center curved wire hanging inside the leaf moves freely. Adding
a more fluid movement to these freestyle earrings. Natural, feminie
with a whisper of Mother earth!

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