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Leaves in the park and leaf earrings for your ears

bronze leaf earrings with branch of leaves
Tiny leaves on the branch or wear your leaves with my earrings!
I picked up the green leaves while out on a local hike. They have a really good
scent when you rub some of them between your fingers. Which I did! 
They smelled like licorice so I brought with me. Unlike my earrings
these leaves instantly started shedding from its branch - everywhere!
My Loose Leaf earring may not be scented but I promise they will
never shed.

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Simple stylish artisan jewelry


model wearing wire leaf earrings bar necklace

Keeping it simple makes life easier. Being stylish feels current and confident.
Artsian anything is caring more about handmade than manufactured. Artisan
products and jewerly are about - quality. Making and designing jewelry is my thing!

Each piece, including the Leaf earrings and Bar None necklace shown here
are carefully inspected, filed, polished and lovingly wrapped for your 
enjoyment. Why? Because I care and YOU matter. YOU deserve good
things and I am happy to offer them!

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