Hanging out with green plants and bronze leaf earrings

bronze leaf earrings on plant

Plants in your home or in the garden just feel good. And all the lush greenery at
a big park feels good too. I uess thats why we all like to congregate
there instead of big empty parking lots!

I worked in a flower shop all through high school and learned about all
the plants too. My bedroom practically became a greenhouse! 
The design elements I see in all the plants and flowers offer SO much
goodness. The shapes, form and brilliant colors. I mean!! With 
inspiration from the garden I formed my large Loose Leaf earrings.
They are light and breezy - just like a dreamy afternoon out in nature!
You may be in the middle of a hectic day but when those loose leaves
start fluttering about uour neck you might get energized!

Browse my Large Loose Leaf earrings here (shown)

Browse my Small Loose Leaf earrings here

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