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Perfect earrings for a patterned Johnny Was top

wearing Johnny Was and gold leaf earrings

I adore Johnny Was clothing with its fun, busy whimsical
patterns and colorful embroidery. Because its busy jewelry
like my earrings really need to compliment rather than add 
more business. My Loose Leaf earrings are add to the 
whole look without stealing the show! You can even skip
a necklace if your earrings can bring it. And these do!!
If you like Johnny Was or similiar style then are a perfect

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Leaf earrings for Fall that won't fall


bronze leaf earrings with Fall leaves

Fall brings sweater weather, apple picking and all the beautiful 
trees that drop leaves in all the pretty Fall colors. I love the sound 
they make crunching underfoot. I also love my cute Loose Leaf earrings
that will always be there for you. Even when the tree's loose all their
leaves these earrings will be snug as bug waiting just waiting 
for you to slip in your cute little lobes. Wear these with a beanie, 
a turtleneck sweater and you'll be Fall ready. No rake required.

Browse my small/medium Loose Leaf earrings here

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Cute earrings for Summer


wire leaf earrings being worn with striped top

My Loose Leaf earrings are light and breezy for everyday but
especially those hot Summer days. They catch the breeze and almost
feel like falling leaves around your neck! They add a lot of fun
to an everyday tee shirt. But these earrings would be beautiful and
chic with a little black dress. Whatever the occasion these earrings
are versatile for morning, noon and night!

Browse my Small Loose Leaf earrings here (as shown)
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Hanging out with green plants and bronze leaf earrings

bronze leaf earrings on plant

Plants in your home or in the garden just feel good. And all the lush greenery at
a big park feels good too. I uess thats why we all like to congregate
there instead of big empty parking lots!

I worked in a flower shop all through high school and learned about all
the plants too. My bedroom practically became a greenhouse! 
The design elements I see in all the plants and flowers offer SO much
goodness. The shapes, form and brilliant colors. I mean!! With 
inspiration from the garden I formed my large Loose Leaf earrings.
They are light and breezy - just like a dreamy afternoon out in nature!
You may be in the middle of a hectic day but when those loose leaves
start fluttering about uour neck you might get energized!

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